Food Along the Way

The holidays are about visiting family and friends while celebrating the birth of little baby Jesus. Part of that celebration is eating good food. This western adventure has taken us to many restaurants and the table at Red Cedar Cabin. You know, part of traveling is finding good food along the ways! I love top ten list, so I have compiled a list of the ten very best meals my little Indian pack has enjoyed.

McDonald’s in West Yellowstone, Montana: We ate at a few McDonald’s along the way. I know that breaks the first rule of the road when it comes to food, don’t eat something you can eat in your home town. The McDonald’s in West Yellowstone was a refuge from the cold and it did have good food and friendly service. Corey and Big Daddy felt that this McDonald’s was better than other Mickey D’s. Corey said that if other McDonald’s could make a burger as good as they did in West Yellowstone, McDonald’s would make a million dollars.

Silver Dollar Grill in Jackson Hole, Wyoming: Rhett, Reece, Chris and I joined Walter, Christy and little Lucy for our first meal together out west. We were staying at the Wort Hotel in Jackson Hole. The meal was exceptional. Walter commented that the steak was one of the best he had eatten. I loved my purple Idaho potatoes with Boursin cheese, YUMMY!

Sausage, Biscuits and Eggs at the cabin in West Yellowstone: The very first morning of the trip we woke up to a breakfast cooked by Big Daddy and the kids. It was amazing. It was so unexpected and joyful to have fresh eggs and bacon without the hassle of the drive thru line. There were a few mornings when Lucy had birthday cake, but you can do that on vacation!

Mile High Pizza Pie in Jackson Hole, Wyoming: We passed Mile High Pizza Pie a few times while we shopped and visited the downtown area of Jackson Hole. Each time we passed by, the smell of this little pizzeria was AMAZING! The food didn’t disappoint! We had a bacon and onion pizza. I don’t like onions but I loved this pizza!

Frostop Drive-In in Ashton, Idaho: We didn’t actually eat here. However, if we could have stopped this morning at 6:15 for a burger and fries, we would have. It has an old Frostop mug spinning in the parking lot. It looked so fun! We will eat there if we venture back to West Yellowstone.

Chipotle in Memphis, Tennessee: This was the first Chipotle experience for Rhett and Reece. Rhett’s first food was guacamole and both boys love MEXICAN FOOD. Rhett did have trouble finishing his burrito, so he called an audible for a bowl and fork. Reece loved the hot salsa!

Spaghetti at the cabin in West Yellowstone: The spaghetti meal was special because so many people had a hand in making the spaghetti. Big Daddy and I helped to season the sauce. Christy helped at every meal. The kids helped with the noodles. It was a team effort. Everything turned out wonderful!

Chipotle in Salt Lake City, Utah: I didn’t want to go to a Chipotle again; however, the boys were given the option to pick Since they were such angles at High West Distillery. Yes, we broke the second rule of the road, don’t eat at the same restaurant during a trip. They picked Chipotle over my favorite of In-N-Out. The boys didn’t understand how a burger place could be as good as Chipotle. They have never eaten at an In-N-Out. I think I failed them as an aunt.

Deer Steak at the cabin in West Yellowstone: Each supper was special, however to eat deer harvested in Carroll County, Mississippi made it a little bit better. The deer was wonderful and we even had some of the best cream corn in the world… Sweet G90 made by Big Mama! She is a damn good cook!

Zoom in Park City, Utah: Zoom is a Sundance Resort Restaurant. Which means it was a little fancy for us. And, I am sure my order will be controversial. However, this meal was so much fun. Rhett and Reece didn’t know about the menu and I was not a good “picker” for a kid’s meal. We ended up all ordering from the main menu and sharing. Rhett had a Worcestershire Cheesesteak, Chris had a barbecue chicken sandwich, Reece had a pulled pork quesadilla, and I had a hamburger. It was so much fun and very adventurous for us!

After all this food, I am going to diet when I get back to Alabama!

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