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Great Deep South World Tour

Each Christmas Chris and I venture across the state line several times to visit family. Chris calls this journey the Great Deep South World Tour 2009! I call it crisscrossing the Southeast in hopes to find sanity at the end … Continue reading

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Top 10 Ways to Be Annoying at Christmas

Everyone loves lists. Since 1985, David Lettermen has regularly given a top ten list. People also love Casey Kasem’s Top 40. I loved it when my mother gave me a list to go grocery shopping. Well, this blog entry will … Continue reading

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Remember the Friends episode with Phoebe’s cookies? Monica wanted Phoebe’s grandmother’s chocolate chip cookie recipe as an engagement present. After realizing Phoebe had lost the only copy of the recipe, they slaved in the kitchen for hours trying different combinations … Continue reading

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Bucking Tradition

Growing up Christmas was so special. You learn about the birth of Christ in the nativity play. You witness the compassion and giving through family gatherings on Christmas day. Santa is a larger than life figure in a child’s development. … Continue reading

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Barnyard Surprises

My blog was never intended to be a blog about my second job at the Bucket Barn. However, I have found great joy in sharing all the wonderful stories from the retail world on the world wide web. I enjoy … Continue reading

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Snow Day

Last weekend I made a pilgrimage to Lynchburg in a driving snow storm! It was treacherous making our way to Tennessee through the blizzard. I didn’t even have bread or milk in the 4Runner with me. Those are the most … Continue reading

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Divas Storm the Barn

Late last night two denim clad divas stormed the Barn in Huntsville, Alabama. Barn yard hand Magnolia Garland greeted the divas at the door at approximately 8 pm. They stormed the store wreaking havoc throughout the Barn. The buns of … Continue reading

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My Space Camp Adventure

Right after my alarm clock goes off each morning I start my preparations for work. This ritual is true for millions and millions of Americans. I shower, brush my teeth, feed the dog, put on some clothes, and so on. … Continue reading

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