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Game Day Anniversary

As a kid I remember watching football on rivalry weekend. Mississippi’s big rivalry is the Egg Bowl where Mississippi State faces Ole Miss for the battle of the golden egg trophy. My father went to State and I have cheered … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget Thanksgiving

To all those who listen to Christmas music in October or the people who have already visited Santa in the mall, happy Thanksgiving! Today is that day that American’s stop what they are doing to give thanks for all they … Continue reading

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Looking at my cork board I see lots of really great memories. But there is only one that has multiple memories attached to it. One thing most of the stuff on the board has in common with each other is … Continue reading

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The Shizzle

What should I write about next? What item on my cork board should I tell you about? When I asked Rachel Ray, she had a hard time deciding between the Wisconsin cow post card and the photo of her training … Continue reading

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