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Being Polynesian

We all have names, even our pets have names. Growing up on a farm, the rule was never give a name to something that might be on the table later. So I named everything including my pet calf, Red Ribbon. … Continue reading

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Bank Robber

There is a Dr. Seuss book by the title of Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Early on, I thought it was a threat by my parents alluding to jail time. But that isn’t the case. For me the phrase has … Continue reading

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Benefits to Jack Daniels

Disclaimer: I am a firm believer that alcohol should never be abused or used to excess. I would never encourage anyone to drink under age or over indulge in alcohol. But if you are going to be a fan of … Continue reading

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1388 – 2/HB

On the corner of my desk sits a coffee mug with a variety of writing utensils, a pair of scissors, various paper clips, an x-acto knife, and a glitter wand. If you are ADHD you will pick up my glitter … Continue reading

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Tom Tom

The spirit of America is one of self reliance, exploration, and superior technology. This is why I call on everyone out there to boycott GPS units in cars. We as a society have stopped looking out of the car window … Continue reading

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