So Long Red Cedar Cabin

Today has been a lazy day filled with packing, cleaning and Christmas cheer! Our vacation is coming to a close and we need to reflect on our visit. Inside Red Cedar Cabin is a guest book filled will stories of past guests in this cabin. Our entry is as follows, plus we had to play my favorite game, “What was your favorite thing?”

Dec 19th – 26th, 2011

The Oliver family from Winona, Mississippi visited for Christmas. We had a lovely time staying at Red Cedar Cabin. Our family includes Bobby and Shirley Oliver and their two children’s family. Walter and Christy Oliver with their three children, Rhett, Reece and Lucy. Ruth Marie Oliver and her husband Christopher Key. During the first few days we had visiting friends Corey and Will B. to show us around.

We snowmobiled, took a guided tour in Yellowstone National Park and had many wonderful meals at the table of Red Cedar. Unfortunately we didn’t see any wildlife around the cabin, other than a squirrel or two. The snowfall was not huge during our stay however, we enjoyed the weather and hope to visit again in the future.

If you are reading this book and looking for suggestions on where to rent snowmobiles or a guided tour of YNP. We suggest Backcountry Adventures and ask for Skip to be your guide. Maybe we will see you on the trails.

Favorite Things From the Oliver Family

Big Daddy loved the precious time with his family and having a wonderful western adventure.
Big Mama loved all the activities from Monday to Sunday, including the meals.
Walter enjoyed snowmobiling and Yellowstone National Park. Walt wants to return and rent the BIG snowmobilies.
Christy loved seeing all the wildlife – eagle, raven, duck, ouzel, swan, elk, buffalo, wolf, moose, big horn sheep, antelope and bear.
Rhett enjoyed his visit to Jackson Hole, WY and would suggest to anyone to visit.
Reece loved seeing the buffalo and learning how to be a mountain man!
Lucy enjoyed staying around the cabin and watching movies with family.
Chris loved seeing the mountains again, snowmobiling and being with his family.
And I loved visiting Yellowstone National Park and adventuring to the peak of Two Top.

It has been a wonderful trip to West Yellowstone. The people here are truly spectacular and wonderful host… now it is time to get my ass back home!

P.S. We did celebrate Christmas today. We will be capping the festivities off tonight by having birthday cake for baby Jesus.

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