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Pencil and JournalWelcome to my blog, GraphiteFree! I have thought about creating a blog for many months. But always thought it would be true vanity to post my writings online for the world. I came to the conclusion that the world wouldn’t be reading my post. I am sure there will only be three people to read my blog.

Why a blog?

Spell check is the simple answer. I love to write and I enjoy compiling information in my journal. But years from now, after my death someone will read my journal and come to the conclusion that Delta State University should take away my 1999 Bachelors of Science in Education because of my poor spelling and sentence structure. With a blog, I can have someone proof my writing.

Why GraphiteFree for the title?

Everyone who knows me knows how I love to use Dixon Ticonderoga’s world famous #2 pencils. Graphite is the main component of a pencil core. This blog is most definitely free from pencil markings. My love of pencils is why I selected an image of a Dixon Ticonderoga on my journal as the original image on GraphiteFree.

What will I write about?

There will not be a running theme on GraphiteFree, but I will write about many, many topics. Being a form staff member at Space Camp, I have certainly covered two of the three subjects you can’t talk to campers about at Space Camp. The three things you positively can’t talk about are religion, politics, and sexuality. Religion and politics are my two most favorite things to talk about. So I am sure those topics will be highlighted often. I will leave sexuality for my friend Anderson to write about.

Things to remember…

I invite all to read, comment, or correct my spelling. I will cover a variety of topics and useless information. I will tell stories, rant about the political scene in American, or share jokes. Talk about my new found attention of running and triathlon. This will not be one of those blogs consisting only of family anecdotes. I promise never to post ads or try to make this a money making venture. If I bore you, simply stop reading.

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