Facebook Christmas

Seeing people on Facebook today has driven me to the brink of frustration! Why do people have to be negative and grumpy during Christmas? Yes, sometimes the holiday season isn’t the most joyous time. But can’t we at least try? People post dramatic posts like, “This is the worst Christmas ever!” or “Please stop crying… why is there always crying at Christmas.” I am kind of fed up with Facebook’s drama.

What if Mary and Joseph had Facebook when they rolled into Bethlehem on that first Christmas? I don’t think they would have gone negative, but what if? To all those who post drama on Facebook, you should think about Mary and Joseph when you post poo on your profile.

Mary didn’t post these statuses, but I know people that would…

Mary’s FB “Just arrived in Beth-Town. Jo forgot to make reservations. We will be staying with the critters tonight.”

Joseph’s FB “Mary is mad! Forgot to call ahead and we are staying with the goats. I am really in the dog house.”

Mary’s FB “At 9 cm. Hope this kid comes soon.”

Joseph’s FB “Found a great manger to lay the babe in. Can anyone suggest a donkey dung removal product?”

Mary’s FB “It’s a Boy! That angel knew what she was talking about!”

Joseph’s FB “Shephards showed up at the barn… They have been following us on Twitter for a few hours now.”

I know this wouldn’t have happened and it may be a little tacky of me to ask “what if?” However, why do we live our lives in a cyber world? Why is it important what our “status” says? Why can’t we look people in the eyes and tell them what is on hearts and in our heads?

Tonight, I hope for peace and kindness around the world. If you want to know how Mary and Joseph handled that first Christmas night you can read Luke chapter 2. Stop being dorks on Facebook and love thy neighbor!

Maybe we all should just put Facebook up for Christmas and spend time with family in our “RL”.

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