I Am a Nerd

I am a nerd! For those who have questioned that fact and all those who have urged me to be honest with myself, I am a nerd. I am such a nerd that a few years back I started teaching a briefing about presentation skills in which I used the Dixon Ticonderoga as my instructional tool. My briefing has been so successful that people remember me for my love of Dixon Ticonderogas. Once while I was getting my hair washed at the salon, a girl asked where I worked and if I was the pencil lady. Indeed I am the pencil lady!

What came first the pencil or the journal? The answer is of course the pencil. I love my Moleskine journal but the Dixon Ticonderoga is truly the “Best of Its Kind!” My Moleskine would go digital in the fall of 2008, with graphitefree.com. Why GraphiteFree? Simple, there isn’t any graphite involved in the production of this online journal. I still have my Moleskine and I still have my pencils, but today I received the greatest birthday gift a nerd could ever receive.

See my love of writing, journaling, blogging, or dyslexic rambling is now permanently affixed to, I think, thousands of pencils. The AC gang, Slip Knot, Snapper, Divot, Tank, Biscuit, and even Nemo (the newbie) gave me a box full of Dixon Ticonderoga pencils stamped with www.graphitefree.com. Wow! I am a nerd! But I am a nerd with really awesome friends!

Thank you guys!

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