Wow, What a Year So Far

I haven’t posted much recently on my blog. I think it is because I have been trying to hold on with all I have! It has been busy, crazy, and rewarding. True, I have been mourning the Super Bowl loss. My boyfriend and the Colts where beaten from the inside out, sadness. To try and catch up with my life and my blog I am going to post the top five things I have been occupied with recently, the good, the bad, and the ugly (i.e. the fourth quarter interception by Porter for a touchdown).

1.  Counselor training has been the majority of my life thus far in 2010. I love training. It is amazing seeing a group of staff walk through the same doors I walked through almost twenty years ago as a camper. I am responsible for helping train the staff that inspires the geeky redheads, the nerdy kids, and all other who venture to Space Camp each year. It is an awesome responsibility that comes with so many wonderful rewards. The best reward is getting to know the staff!

2.  My first teaching job in the state of Alabama was at Discovery Middle School. The first Friday of February 2010 was a dark day at Discovery. There was a school shooting. The very next Friday there was another shooting in our community. A professor at University of Alabama Huntsville shot a group of her fellow educators. I only want to talk about this because I don’t understand the complete disregard to human life our culture has. A young man and a grown woman chose to kill others for what reason, life, liberty, protection of their own life? We must teach respect for life!

3.  Chris, after ten months working and living here in Huntsville, is heading back to his old job! At the end of this week he will return to PricewaterhouseCoopers. A few days after accepting the offer that might constitute a move for one or both of us, we watched Oceans Eleven. There is a quote in the movie we both love. Basher proclaims after being rescued from an unfortunate incarceration, “It will be nice working with proper villains again.” Chris has enjoyed living in Huntsville, but he loved working for PwC. It is great that he can get back to the organization he loves!

4.  All I can say about this next part is NASA poop! Really it isn’t NASA’s fault, but it is poop! It is hard to believe that the agenda of one group of people can change the exploration dreams of a whole country. The cancellation of the Constellation program is discouraging to someone who has always followed the space program as far back as I can remember. To see the shuttle retire is sad, the only thing sadder is knowing that we don’t have a plan to replace the greatest flying machine ever! President Obama, get your head out of Pelosi’s ass and give us back Constellation.

5.  This past weekend Chris and I joined one of my best buds, Anderson, in Nashville. I have never really gone out the way we did last night. We went from one establishment to the next. It was almost like we were hopping around from bar to bar. We listened to many different bands and even a dueling piano bar. The piano bar made me miss Jelly Rolls at Walt Disney World! The most important thing was visiting with a great friend. Doesn’t matter how many days, weeks, or months since we last visited. It was wonderful to visit with my friend!

Life is busy! I am looking forward to a trip to Indianapolis and maybe to Orlando and Titusville. I am very excited about the Winter Olympics in Vancouver! In just a few weeks we will have the Honeywell Leadership Academy at camp! It should be the greatest Space Camp event ever for high schools from all around the world! I have a lot to look forward to. Thanks for reading; I am sure there will be some great posts in the next few weeks and months.

P.S. I didn’t include the Super Bowl lost because it is still too painful. I haven’t watched ESPN since last Sunday morning.  Thanks you NBC for your coverage of the Vancouver Olympics!

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