Uphill Both Ways

Remember hearing your parents tell stories about walking barefoot to school in the snow uphill both ways? Today the adventure home seemed as treacherous as all those stories my folks told me. The snow on the roads, the crazy southern drivers, and the dumb Alabama fan waving her car flag down the icy mountain made for a true bonding experience for Chris and me. It was two hours in the TEV for a life time memory. Let me share a few stories.

This morning I forgot my phone at home. Of all days to leave my phone at home, today would not be the best day. First, my Be Ready Camp knowledge kicked in telling me this is unsafe driving in winter precipitation without a way to call for help. On top of that, Kim Dickerson got engaged last night and I didn’t get the phone call because I was left without the “Carhart”. Congrats Kim! Remember to make Alex muffins every now and then.

Chris sent me text messages throughout the morning keeping me up to date on all the road closings. Boo at home with my phone was very prepared. After a few phone calls and oh crap the southern sky is falling, Chris and I decided to leave work and head for Creekstone.  We rallied in the Space Camp parking lot. Joining forces to drive home we drove toward Governors drive. We saw lots a crazies weaving and speeding through traffic. There was a guy who had been in his truck too long and pulled off to pee. Yes, he had to pee.

We saw a dozen or so Huntsville PD zipping up and down the mountain on the opposing lane, but we were stuck behind a Ford pick up truck. There was a HEMSI unit behind us. I looked for Kendall and Ric, but I think it was another crew in the truck. I had all my survival gear in my backpack just incase we had to camp in the frozen wilderness of Hampton Cove. I had snacks, a flashlight, emergency blanket, and matches. Wait, I sound like Divot and Snapper on their drive to my house. They typically have to stop for a nap.

The craziest thing we saw was a Crimson clad car with an extremely stupid driver talking on her cell phone and waving her Alabama window flag out of her sun roof. Really? Please, do you want to die? Note: this wasn’t just when she was sitting still in traffic, but it was on the icy down slope of Highway 431. I thought to myself that this lady will not get to see Alabama’s 13th national title if she slides off the mountain because of her stupidity.

“It is all about the adventure” is my motto! Chris was being the geek that he is, following the traffic reports on Twitter as we crept up the mountain. I didn’t have my phone, so I was focused wholly on driving. Glad I paid attention to my Arizona online driving school! With all the stress driving home and having to send people home from work, my conclusion is, “This is how a snow day feels as an adult!”

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