Twelve and Holding

Tonight when the University of Alabama takes to the field in the Rose Bowl they will be competing to win their 13th national title. Being declared best in the nation is based on nothing more than mathematical polls and human interest. Does this mean they are the best team in the land? Just like crowing a Miss America it is all in the eyes of the judges.

I believe that the BCS system of crowning a national champion is just like crowning a beauty queen. There is no true competition where one team is left standing as the best. There isn’t one victorious team that reigns on top of the hill after a tournament or “series” of contests. Why is it that the most lucrative college sport doesn’t have a completive method of crowning its king? The answer is MONEY!

Long ago a bunch of good ole boys decided to create bowls or regional beauty pageants for their favorite football teams to compete. Unfortunately, unlike Miss America, the winners of these pageants don’t face off in a final contest. There are several teams left claiming they are the most best and most beautiful.

The NCAA has a competition and gives a trophy to national champions in all sports with the exception of the highest level of college football. There is no comparison to the passion shown on the courts and fields of battle leading up to the Final Four or Omaha! In Division 1-AA, Bowl Subdivision, B*&% S*@$ football we are left trying to making everyone happy except the fans and alumni of the colleges they support. The fans are left crying for some type of play-off rather than just #1 versus #2.

Everyone will watch the game tonight and enjoy the commentary. If you are a Texas or Alabama fan you will find some contentment in this arrangement. But there are several other teams that could rival these teams if given a chance to compete in a tournament. I must agree with everyone other than the BCS executives; let’s have a play-off in all NCAA sports. Mr. and Mrs. BCS, you will make more money and you will make millions of fans happy.

So, until that day, Hook ‘em Tide!!! You may question my combination of words, but until there is a series of contests that looking more like a play off, we are left with a bi-curious competition similar to Miss America!

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