Day One of Operation Snow Berries

Yes, I summoned spirit of Arctic Puffin for my title. However, I have never seen such a winter wonderland before today. Driving through Utah, Wyoming and Idaho was simply magnificent. Only the hand of God could create the beauty of our surroundings. I can’t wait for the rest of the week!!!

To the point, I am on vacation and that is the perfect time to write. Over the last 36 hours Christopher and I have escorted Rhett and Reese Oliver half way across the country to Jackson, Wyoming. We picked the boys up in Carroll County, Mississippi yesterday. We drove to Memphis, Tennessee to stay the night and eat Chipotle. There is no trip complete until there is a stop at Chipotle. This morning we flew from Memphis to Salt Lake City, Utah.

The drive from Salt Lake City was long and sometimes daunting when looking for an outhouse along the way, but it was the most amazing adventure. We stopped on the side of the road to play in the snow. We saw elk, big horn sheep, mule deer and moosalo. Don’t know what a moosalo is? We couldn’t identify a creature that looked like a moose and kinda like a buffalo. We called them moosalo.

After joining Walter, Christy and Lucy in Jackson this afternoon, we ate dinner in the Silver Dollar Grill, named so because there are 2,032 uncirculated 1921 Morgan Silver Dollars inlayed in the bar top. If the U.S. is ever in need of silver, they can visit Jackson, Wyoming. It was fun eating with the family. However, this place is cold! After walking the kids around the town, I had to visit the Silver Dollar Bar. Funny thing, I met someone who knew a lot about whiskey and bourbon. I have always wanted to walk into a cowboy bar and ask for a whiskey. Tonight I got the chance.

Tomorrow we are going to visit the wildlife refuge and drive to West Yellowstone. There we will join my mom and dad for the remainder of our Christmas Vacation. Baby, It is Cold Out Side!

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