Great Adventure

You Google for great adventure and the first link that comes up is for Six Flags. But when I think of a great adventure I conjure up images of Armstrong’s boot print, Parry’s expedition reaching the North Pole, Lindbergh landing in Paris, or circumnavigating the globe in a sail boat. I am sure the world’s great adventure brings different things to mind for different people. I am sure Han Solo or Indiana Jones would think of a daring adventure across many galaxies or in search of a religious relic. They are only characters in adventure stories, not real people.

Neil Armstrong's Footprint (Apollo 11, 1969)I have always been somewhat of an adventurous soul. I would cover the country side with my dog as a young girl. I had a club house made from an old school bus. I starting working at summer camp and lived somewhat independent for eight weeks when I was sixteen. I have taken several trips to the British Isles and Europe. I want more adventure in my life. I carry a survival bag with a signaling mirror, head lamp, knives, and matches just in case I am deserted on I-565 on the way home or I have to live on an island all by myself.

I long for adventure. I have dreamed of just packing a small bag and roaming for weeks or months. No, I won’t need a revolver or whip. I am not sure I will need a passport. Everyone needs some adventure. Last summer around this time I tagged along with my husband on a business trip. The business trip was to Disney World. Each day when he went to his conference I would venture around the multiple parks. I visited with almost Chef Kim at the Polynesian. My favorite thing to do was people watch and write in my journal.

I don’t think I can go on a great adventure, but maybe an average adventure. Where would you go if you needed an adventure?

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