Counting Sheep

Today was a glorious day at the Barn. The Barn was closed for its annual inventory. I realized how truly addicted the people of Huntsville are to the Barn and its associates. We had Cameron Drape calling for her hydrangeas she couldn’t live without any longer. True, they have been on hold for three weeks, but she had to have them the day we were closed for counting. Magnolia Garland answered the phone very politely. The guest on the phone was a bag handle!! Magnolia told her we were closed and could not help her with her phone order.  The guest barked back with, “Why did you answer the phone if you couldn’t help me?” Grumpy ole bag handle are like that, that is why they are bag handles!

The mall guests would stop by the Barn doors, press their noses up against the doors in hopes to just sniff the scent of potpourri and pillow inserts. While glued to the window, the guests would reach for their cell phones and call the Barn to ask why we were closed, all while staring at the inventory closure notice posted on the Barnyard door. Everything is urgent on the only shopping day we are closed during the year!!!

Wait, I don’t think I got to the point of my post! I haven’t told you why it was a wonderful day inside the Barn! I got to count sheep, goats, pigs, and chickens all day long. When there was a stable or pasture that was difficult to count or needed someone “thorough” they asked me and Josephine Bedding to help out. OK, that is what they told us, but I believe the Barn gods where punishing me for my blog! Or, if you don’t suck at your job you get the sucky jobs! Either theory works for why I got the crap job, but I loved each minute of the day! I especially loved it when my scanner would say “Hoorah, Your Count is in Balance!!!” By the end of the day it should have said, “Hot Damn! You Get a Cookie!”

Ok, maybe my humor is getting a little off! The point is, each year I love inventory a little more than the year before. You may think I am crazy, but I love going to work one day out of the year and counting sheep! You know you can do it in your sleep and that is the point of the day for me. I get to go to work in my grubby clothes and Sambas, eat snacks and laugh a lot. I don’t have to call a mom or dad to tell them their son or daughter has misbehaved at camp or fire a staff member for inappropriate conduct at work. I can just count sheep! Thanks Manhattan, Hudson, Heather Chenille, and the head farmer for letting me work at the Barn! I love the Barn!

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