Top 10 Ways to Be Annoying at Christmas

Everyone loves lists. Since 1985, David Lettermen has regularly given a top ten list. People also love Casey Kasem’s Top 40. I loved it when my mother gave me a list to go grocery shopping. Well, this blog entry will stand as my Barn year in review as I list the ten things you shouldn’t visit the Barn for during the holidays. All these have actually happened and the workers have the scars to prove it.

10.  Making out on a Pearce Sectional.

9.  Opening a Bridal Registry on Black Friday… or the weekend before Christmas.

8.  Returning merchandise purchased after closing… anytime, but especially returning merchandise on Black Friday purchased after closing the night before Thanksgiving.

7.  Lounging with your BFF on a Barn bed while Hudson is standing in the room.

6.  After weeks of being sold out and still having CO-OP call us for a Sleigh Bell pillow by asking for just one “Golf Delta” bell pillow (Golf Delta is code for cursing… remember this is a PG blog!).

5.  This one is complex… Calling the Barn to ask for the contents of boxes which were delivered to your lake house when your wife is at the lake house but won’t open the boxes or bring them inside out of the rain.  [Editor’s note: Really?!]

4.  Taking a running leap on to a bed during rush hour the weekend before Christmas.

3.  Asking Barn management to play more Christmas music than necessary… I am talking about you Faux Snow, but I still love you!

2.  Simply being Cameron Drape with Turkey Plates in tow, Cowbell, Bella Beer Mug, Baja Glassware, Napoleon, or my darling Denim Divas will get you kicked out without much fuss.

1.  People who get mad, pitching a fit, throwing hands up in the air angry that we are sold out of merchandise the week before Christmas. Two things for these people, first if we had the product we would sell it to them. Secondly, if they wanted to shop in a Barn that has lots of merchandise, live in Atlanta, Houston, New York or San Fran, not Huntsville. [Editor: Amazing how Christmas always sneaks up on you]

This has been a great year for me at the Barn. I have enjoyed every single minute of work, if you can call it work! Hudson, Manhattan, Heather Chenille, and the head farmer make the Barn a great place. I wish everyone inside and outside the Barn a very Merry Christmas! And I will leave you with this sentiment: don’t leave your “Barn door” open!!

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  1. I can’t believe people make out on the sofa!! And have a flying jump onto the bed? Who are these people? Were they raised in a barn??
    Wait… maybe that’s why they feel at home! 🙂

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