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Golf Dudes Suck

I haven’t written a good rant since I spewed anger towards Jeff Benton, but I am sure Jeff Benton will fall into the demographic of my current topic. So today, I am releasing the wolves on golf dudes.  Chris has told me many times, I am a bitch when I am in a golf store.  I get cranky and aggressive.  I demand service and respect from the golf store’s personnel.  Why?  Because of golf dudes. Golf dudes are the guys at the driving range with a pitcher of Miller Lite, who talk too loud, smoke too much and try to hit the cover off the ball with their expensive driver and oversized egos.  Yes, this may come across as a man hating blog post; however, not all male golfers are like this.  Yesterday, I met two or three dozen golf dudes, all of which suck.

I would describe golf dudes as men who think women can’t play golf.  Most golf dudes don’t care about anything except having the latest, greatest, and most expensive equipment. They don’t really care about the game. Golf dudes are the below average golfer who works for “fill-in-the-blank” chain golf store.  Most of which do not greet or service women golfers in their stores. Simply put, golf dudes dismiss women golfers and their money. I would rather be treated like Julia Roberts as the hooker in Pretty Woman when she shopped Rodeo Drive. They at least spoke to her.

I will be the first to admit that the skill and strength needed to be a professional male golfer can not be achieved by most female golfers, pro or amateur.  However, women can play golf and they can also spend money on golf equipment, green fees and golf outings.  Which is the current source of my frustration.  Yes, I am a strong willed, red-headed female.  I like to think I am an above average golfer.

Yesterday, I visited the Madison Golf Center’s demo days.  There was at least ten to twelve sales representatives from golf companies like Nike, Cleveland, Ping, TaylorMade, and Callaway.  I love the people at Madison Golf Center and would never complain about them.  And I know that the overwhelming majority of golf equipment sales comes from the male golfer. The sales representatives with tents pitched, in anticipation of making sales, or inciting consumers to pledge allegiance to their brand.  These golf dudes did not even speak to me and my friend.  It was the most awkward shopping and customer service experience of my life.  At the time that I walked through the demo booths at the driving range there was 40 to 50 men, some representing their company and some using the demo equipment.  I walked through twice, not even a word from the sales representatives who did make eye contact with me!  I was furious.

The point of this cranky post is to tell all the golf companies that yes their number one demographic is male golfers, but women can spend money too.  Sales is sales… it doesn’t matter if I wear a bra and my golf clubs are pink.  I still should get some respect! First as a human who is interested in their product, then as a customer who represents the female consumer who spends seven trillion dollars each year in the market place and finally as a golfer who wants to learn, grow and improve.  After this treatment, I guess I will stop spending my money on golf and just spend it on something else… maybe triathlon equipment!  You suck golf dudes, and you won’t get my money!


I am that person! I always said that if I had a blog, I wouldn’t ignore it. I wouldn’t let it sit for months with out updating it. We it is official, I have ignored GraphiteFree. I could blame it on my schedule or on my crappy laptop or on a host of other reasons. But the simple truth is, I have ignored my blog. I am sorry, blog! I didn’t mean to abandon you for so long. I didn’t mean to not write!

I have had lots to write about! There was the Mid South Farm and Gin Show in Memphis I started writing about. Chris and I stayed at the Peabody where we joined my brother, his family, and my parents. Great weekend, I drank a “Presbyterian” or Jack & Ginger. I had an epic adventure to Atlanta… Gosh I hate Atlanta! However, I do love Chipotle and Pinkberry. I visited with Cameron Drape at the Barn a few times. She called the Barn one night to ask when American Idol aired. Lucky for us it is a seven o’clock show, which kept her away from the Barn until the next day. And I should have written about my Jack Daniel Distillery tours.

Since I have fallen out of grace with my blog, I should update what I am currently doing. The last paragraph told you where I have been. Now, I need to tell you where I am headed, because there is much on the horizon for me. This week will mark my seventh wedding anniversary – Copper. Chris and I will be touring the distilleries of Kentucky. I am sure we will see lots of copper while we are exploring. I will be leaving the Barn for another part time job. I love working at the Barn, but I have had a dream of working as a tour guide for a long time. I am also most there, this week I go to the Jack Daniel Distillery for my audition as a tour guide. That should be an adventure.

This summer I will be back at Aviation Challenge, back with the Raptor and back around the lake. I also told our new Social Media Director I would write a blog post for the Ready Room. So I really do need to get back into the writing mood. I will be going on a Disney Cruise with Tim&Anderson and their bridal posse in July. I will get to make another trip to NYC to see my Yankees in August. It will be a Yankees/Mets tour with Snapper. Even though the Mets play the Braves (I hate Atlanta) the trip will be so much fun.

All in all, I have lots to write about. And I am going to do better at this I promise. I know that only a few people read my blog, but I really don’t want to be the person that starts writing and then abandons the poor thing. I love GraphiteFree. It all started as an exercise to make my writing better and I need to keep it up! GraphiteFree, please forgive me.

PS… Jeff Benton is still a scumbag, but the law suit has been settled!

Another Benton Blog

Saturday afternoon Chris and I saw a white F-150 truck with a blue and yellow Jeff Benton Homes tag on the front. I grimaced at my dear husband and said a few words I will not repeat in print. I expressed how frustrated I was at Jeff Benton and our legal team. Chris and I are seeking some justice in the lies told to us by Jeff Benton and his minions. We and a few fellow other homeowners are trying to find some justice through the legal system. I have found another outlet for my frustrations with Jeff Benton.

I wrote a blog in November titled, Will the Trees Stay. The Internet and Google Analytics are amazing things. This morning Chris and I were poking around seeing who has been looking at my blog site and what they have been looking at. Google’s search engine has brought people to my website and the blog entry discussing my trees and how we were mislead during the building of our home. The readers were led to my site through a tag for a subdivision currently selling homes. After reading my blog 25% of the readers left my site through a Ken McDaniel’s link and others going to Woodland Homes. Maybe, just maybe, someone will choose not to purchase a Jeff Benton Home because of my blog. It is a small victory, but a victory none the less.

Each time I meet a Jeff Benton associate out in public at the mall or the grocery store, I want to ask them if they enjoy working for an allegedly fraudulent company. Honestly, they probably don’t even know Benton’s pending legal issues. Hopefully my little blog will help. I am not just making this stuff up. Jeff Benton Homes isn’t hassle free!

Will the Trees Stay?

DSC00032-800x600Five years ago Chris and I closed on our first home. We were so proud of our jewel, our palace, our home. We were very detailed in the selection of our home… we thought. This blog is the good, the bad, and the ugly of our home building experience. I want everyone who reads this blog to understand this is from my point of view and my opinion of the situation. There are things that I am very pleased with and things I am bitterly disgusted with about my home. So read and take whatever you will from this tale of a first time home owner and a small creek which flows into the Flint River.

In May of 2004 Chris and I started looking for a house to buy. We had both lived in an apartment before getting married. We looked around at all the Huntsville area real estate. I didn’t want to live in Madison and he wanted to live near the mountains (they are really just hills). We became interested in the Jeff Benton neighborhoods around the valley. Jeff Benton was known for spec homes and low cost for nice homes. Seemed like a perfect deal for a first time home owner. True, Chris had owned a home in Jackson, Mississippi. However, I was new at this and it seemed like a great place to start.

Privacy gained from our trees

We signed our build contract on Chris’s birthday. I remember asking a few questions about the lot that we selected and the position of the house. We had selected to build on lot number 27 along a small creek; the same creek that gave the subdivision its name, Creekstone. Chris and I were both interested in the trees and the privacy they would give us. Our sales agent assured us that the trees would remain on our lot. “Oh, we love our trees in Creekstone”, as if Al Gore was the president of the home owners association. Even before we selected our lot we asked about the trees because they were so attractive to a farm kid.

In the summer as the plans were being finalized we were informed of an easement on our property. I asked right away, “Is there a project planned for this easement”? “No, it is just a standard U&D easement that is there just in case,” was the answer we were given. We were suckers; a sixty foot U&D easement is not standard not even in Texas where everything is big! Other families were moving in along the creek. They too had no clue of the impending destruction that awaited all of us.

Track hoe removing trees

We didn’t know about the plans to clear cut our trees and widen our creek until six months into our residence. Chris was out back cleaning brush from the creek and I was cleaning on the inside. Our neighbors told us of a meeting in the summer with Jeff Benton around the same time that we found out of the easement. They told us how they found out about the future project. There were some smoke and mirrors involved, but I am sure of this, there was a ditch improvement project coming, our trees would be cut down and Jeff Benton knew about it before we closed.

Chris stopped his cleaning of the ditch and we started investigating the planned improvement. We found out it was true. We would lose our trees and there wasn’t much we could do about it. The lessons learned are twofold, always do your homework on a piece of land in a real estate deal and never do business with Jeff Benton. The summer of 2007 in a cloud of dust we lost our trees and gained a wall in our back yard. This wall serves as a retaining wall for the ditch. The simple little country creek was transformed into an industrial looking drainage waterway with all the mosquitoes, snakes, and critters that come along with such a ditch. The city of Huntsville came though our yard with bulldozers and track hoes.

Frontend loader carrying away our trees

Some people would try to blame the city for building the monstrosity in my back yard. Some people would blame the buyer for not doing their homework. And then some people would call Jeff Benton the villain. There is truth in all that I said. But when you sign a contract with the builder and the purchaser stating that all pending public projects have been disclosed you would think you were safe from surprises. Jeff Benton was not up front about the future construction plans. The city of Huntsville has been very helpful to us. The ditch had to go in to help with drainage all throughout our valley. It is a fact of life. As for us doing our homework, we are very good at doing research now.

What remains of the creek

This is my way to vent. It is my way to shake my fist as the situation. If you don’t like what I have said, please let me know. If you are in the market to build a home and are looking at Jeff Benton, please consider other options first. I love my home and its construction is sound. But would I do business with Jeff Benton again? I wouldn’t even play bingo at the same table as him and I sure wouldn’t purchase a home from his company again. Point is, Creekstone has been transformed into Ditch Wall subdivision. I didn’t get to keep my trees, but I did get flooding to replace the trees.

If you are a part of BRAC’s relocation to Huntsville or just curious about living in our part of the world here are a few suggestions before you buy a Benton home.

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