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Holiday Traditions

The year 2011 is an odd year, which means it is one of the most glorious years! Every-other year the Egg Bowl is played in Starkville, Mississippi. This year I found myself in the stands of Davis Wade Stadium ringing my cowbell on the Saturday after Thanksgiving with my family.  The Saturday, I renewed a four year tradition of visiting Jack Daniels with Divot and friends for the December bottle signing with JD’s Master Distiller and Master Taster.  I also added a new tradition to my beloved list this week, watching Rudolph with my Madison, Alabama family as we enjoyed hot chocolate.

Traditions are important to me.  I have documented my tradition of wrapping Christmas presents in brown paper and displaying a feed troff (manger) in my home rather than an evergreen tree. I have always loved Thanksgiving and recently I have loved the years that Mississippi State played Ole Miss in Starkville even more. The past few Egg Bowls played at Mississippi State I have joined my nephews to enjoy the game from the stands. This year was no different. But I just have to mention how much I truly enjoy having my family together to watch a game and ring a cow bell.  Ringing a cow bell is absolutely addictive.  I suggest everyone try ringing a cow bell at a cow college before you die… but please ring responsibly.

This weekend, I visited Lynchburg, Tennessee for a bottle signing with Snapper, Kitten, Divot, and Christopher.  Divot and I first ventured up to Lynchburg for a signing four years ago and it was just as cold today as it was that first time.  Since the first visit, Divot and I have become Squires, convinced Snapper to enjoy bottle signings and I even spent time as a tour guide at JD. The point of me mentioning the tradition is a new tradition started at Jack, the Holiday Select bottle.  Jack Daniels released a line of 100 proof whiskey from 140 barrels.  The used barrels from the special Holiday whiskey were then fashioned into a Christmas tree.  How cool of an idea? Yes, I know that it is all marketing.  However what a clever idea to provide your customer with a product and a symbol of Christmas.

Rudolph, I am sure everyone has watched the 1964 TV movie.  But have you watched it with your family and friends gathered around you as if it was as important as The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or the SEC Championship game.  This past Tuesday night I visited the DiCarlo family home for dinner and a movie.  We watched Rudolph.  I had not watched the movie since I was a young child.  I honestly didn’t remember the story line.  This fact only made it more memorable for me.  It is so special to enjoy peoples company at Christmas time and share family traditions.  Recently, I have missed my family a lot.  I can’t even describe how important family is to me.  This Rudolph tradition maybe simple, however, it is a wonderful time spent with the people you love.

Finally, this year is most defiantly an odd year.  In my house for the first time is a Christmas tree.  I know you are thinking what is wrong with Ruth Marie.  I finally caved to the power of the tree.  However, the feed troff is still being displayed right next to the tree.  I have realized that life is so much better if you have lots holiday traditions.  Life is so much greater when you have things to look forward to.  Life is so much sweeter when you have your favorite people around to enjoy the ups and downs, the good and the bad, and most importantly the traditions of life.

My Hat

Cold weather has struck North Alabama this week. This comes during a week of me hating Christmas and grumpy about travel. I started to take the philosophy of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day! Unfortunately for the Grinch living inside of me I got a new hat.  The introduction of my new hat was a pivotal moment in my life. This new hat has the power of the elves! Santa has blessed this hat. And with this hat, I will fight off the evil demons that try to kill the Christmas spirit inside of me.

It is not all in the stitching of this North Face hat. It is with a strong and valiant commitment from Santa’s friend that I renew my Christmas cheer. See Santa’s elves crafted my hat and the community organizer for Santa helped me select my hat. Now with renewed heart and spirit, I look forward to Christmas Eve and even a trip to Rushing Parc (I am sure Camper Jack will join me there still), and zig zagging across the Southeast will be joyful!

Why? Because Christmas is not about receiving stuff or spending time in an over commercialized, germ infested, zombie walking mall!  Christmas is about giving! Just like Christ gave up his cozy home with his Dad to hang with earthly dorks like me. I am going to celebrate and enjoy Christmas with family and friends!

What am I thankful for this season? I am thankful for a hubby who lives most of the year closer to the north pole than I would like, but he does it so that one day we can do whatever we want! I am also thankful for people who would help me pick out a brown hat and create the Christmas Calendar of Awesomeness. And if this was like a genie with three wishes, my third would be Dan Mullens be thankful for his home and job in Starkville. Please stay, Coach Mullens. What does Florida have that MSU doesn’t?

Christmas is a magical time of year. But the magic comes from the people around us. Someone famous once said, “It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.” That person should start a greeting card company! My hat is filled with Christmas and my heart is looking forward to December 25th!