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Growing up on a Mississippi Farm my parents didn’t want me to only see the dirt roads. I have seen a lot in more than 40 years.


Looking back over my blog history I have talked a lot about many things. One blog post that was really fun to write was my 100th post. I listed my 100 favorite words. If I wrote that post today, there may be a few words that I would add or change. But for the most part it is a good representation of some of my most favorite words. One word I am certain to add as my most favorite is definitely. I use it all the time. As a matter of fact, I use it so much and yet I struggle spelling it almost every time I need to type it. At work, I have posted a note with the spelling on my computer. I love this word so much that today I will give it its very own post.

Definitely used as an adverb means, “in a clear and definite manner; unambiguously or unequivocally; positively”. To be absolutely clear or certain is something I strive for on a daily basis. However, if you know me or have spoken to me, you will know that I am certainly not absolute in my word selection. I struggle with finding the right thing to say. I am possibly the biggest hot mess when speaking in an impromptu fashion. However, if I know the words to string together in sentence or phrase, I can be clear and absolute.

The 2008 romantic comedy, Definitely, Maybe is one of my favorite movies. I love romantic comedies. The movie title is similar to my personality. I am definite… some of the times… well when I have my act together, I am absolute. I know that I can present myself in a manner reflecting that I don’t want to be questioned. However, when questioned I grow and most always learn something about why I believe and feel the way I feel. This could just be the stubborn mule gene of a hot tempered red-head. No matter how I may act in conversations or in debate, I always want clear, well defined, unambiguous borders, boundaries and rules. I like rules and I definitely need them.

I know that I am a dork, a goober, and possibly the biggest geek that works at Space Camp. However, I know who I am! Growing up I struggled with not being the cool kid or not making the best grades. Once I accepted geek-hood in the world, I definitely knew who I was. I struggled being the fish that swam upstream when all the others were swimming downstream. But I completely knew the direction I should go. The course was clearly planned out for me. I simply need to follow the breadcrumbs along the trail.

So, to summarize the positively off the wall rant on a word, a single word. I know what I want in life. I don’t say anything I truly don’t mean. I may regret those words five seconds after they vibrate off my vocal cords and enter the atmosphere. But I will learn from the regrets I have. I will leave my life with clearly defined boundaries, a loyalty to the people around me, and unquestionable love for life. Whether I am prepping for a race, helping a friend, completing a task, driving down the interstate, giving a speech about pencils or a spastic response to a question, I am definitely trying my best, even when spelling.

The Elusive Blue Cable

I guess I don’t get out much and that is why I don’t blog much anymore.  I can’t help but want to share this wonderful fishing story with you.  I hope you enjoy it.  One thing I ask you, please read this post as if you were whispering to yourself.

I found myself in Daytona Beach, Florida with Jitters and Baywatch recruiting students at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University to work at Space Camp. We ate lunch at Ocean Deck restaurant just off the beach here in Daytona.  Today the Thunderbirds were practicing for their air show this weekend.  Being Aviation Challenge staffers once upon a time, we had to hit the beach to watch their aerial assault verses the seagulls.  It was amazing!!! Only thing better was watching F-16s landing at Luke AFB a few years back.

We walked down to the pier where Joe’s Crab Shack is located.  We wanted to walk all the way to the end of the pier to see the wonderful waves crashing into the shoreline.  There was a fisherman with a lady fishing toward the end of the peer.  We noticed the lady first, because she was wearing a hot pink bikini top with jean shorts.  I knew I was in Florida when I saw the jean shorts.  All of a sudden, the fisherman yells, “I have caught one!”  The lady comes running to help.  I am captured by the drama unfolding. We are excited, because we are about to see a giant fish leap from the water.  The man is wrestling with the rod and reel.  A crowd of bystanders start to form around the fisherman when the lady goes to retrieve her matching hot pink camera.

The lady comes over to her fishing buddy ready to take a photo of this tireless fish that must be extremely large.  The struggle for the fish had taken almost five or so minutes.  I survey the water below in hopes to catch a glimpse of this mammoth creature.  I see the line and the beast that has been caught by the heroic fisherman is none other than an elusive blue cable.  Yes, a blue cable/rope tied to the pier with a net attached to keep the day’s catch fresh while the fisherman was fishing. Yes, the fisherman had caught his own equipment from the opposite side of the pier.  The reason this elusive blue cable was putting up such a fight was because there was a gallon milk jug tied to the rope as a weight.

The fisherman continued to fight with his line.  All I could do was look at Jitters and Baywatch and say, “would you just look at that!”  We walked away, into the sunset, never to be seen again.

The End

Did You Know?

Did you know that a baby rabbit is called a kit?  Did you know, that rather than having two girl rabbits, I have one boy or buck and one girl rabbit or doe? Do you know where baby rabbits come from?  Well, I do!  Rather than watching the Weather Channel to see which land mass Hurricane Isaac will hit, I am watching the rabbit hutch on my back porch to see when the kits are born.

A year ago, we had an aging white male rabbit which looked more like Godzilla than a cute little bunny. Shortly after Christmas, George the mammoth bunny, passed away of a drug overdose.  After Easter, Remus and Cammie Anne, came to live in my back yard from my brother’s house in Mississippi.  Did you know I was a sucker for animals?  I have been called Elly May before.  In the next few days and weeks, I will have more animals living under one roof than I am sure the city of Huntsville will allow.  I am sure the home owner’s association will not be happy.

The moral of the story is to check your rabbits for berries before you take them home.  Now, I am going on Craig’s List looking for Bunny Midwives.  I am sure how the math goes with rabbits, but it is something like 1 + 1 = 14 or so.  Anybody want a rabbit?

Wait! I just figured it out… The rabbits sent me the flowers last week!  I did make a big difference in their lives.

Tri Anything…

Most people know that I am an adventurous red head. However, I haven’t been as outgoing as I would like in recent history.  I did spend a few years in the wild world of retail working at the Barn, better know to many as Pottery Barn.  Then a stint as a tour guide at Jack Daniel’s Visitor Center in Lynchburg, Tennessee. I gave up my part time jobs to spend more time outdoors. In other words, my time has not been spent with Cameron Drape or chilling not the couch, thus causing my blog to suffer.

I am sure you may be wondering what I have been doing in the meantime.  The answer to that question is… A LOT!  Last August, my mom saw a picture of me at a wedding on Facebook. She commented to me on the phone that I had gained weight.  What I heard was, “Ruth Marie, you are fat”.  And she was correct, I had gained too much weight and needed more physical activity than giving tours at Jack Daniel’s.  The new year rolled around and I joined the YMCA to start swimming. Shortly there after while on a camping trip I committed to running the Warrior Dash in Mountain City, Georgia in May with my three friends, Snapper, Speedo and Amazon.  If you are not familiar with Warrior Dash, it is a run with obstacles and lots of mud and some flames. To get ready for Warrior Dash, I ran my very first 5K in April at Camp of the Rising Son in French Camp, Mississippi.

After running about three or four races, I was hooked.  I wanted to run more however, I am an Oliver. Olivers are not known for their lightning fast speed or gazelle like agility.  I continued to swim and run no matter the speed.  At some point after Warrior Dash Snapper, my training buddy, and I decided to run a triathlon. To make this goal a reality we would need to start bike training.  At this point is when the fun really started.  My first bike race of any type was Muddy Buddy in Nashville, Tennessee. Muddy Buddy is a relay where I started riding my mountain bike and Snapper started running.  We would switch at an obstacle, I would run and she would bike. Needless to say, this event was super fun!

The next race is the big one, my first triathlon.  Saturday, Snapper and I, with a few hundred other people, swim, bike and run the Wet Dog Triathlon in Decatur, Alabama.  Snapper’s main motivation is the tri sticker she will place on the back glass of her Subaru.  My motivation is the adventure behind it all. Meeting new people, doing new things and losing some of the fat my mom noticed last year.  I am a little nervous but I have had some really great people help me along the way.  I think this is what life is all about: trying new things, sharing life’s lessons and being daring enough to try anything once, even green beans or deviled eggs.

King George I

In 2006, two days before Christmas Chris and I arrived at my parent’s house in Mississippi with our little dog Boo.  I had just walked in the door and sat down at my father’s desk when I got a phone call from my brother asking me to meet him at the canal bridge. Chris and I met Walt and his whole family at the bridge near US 51 Highway.  Some despicable human being had released twenty to thirty domestic rabbits to fend for themselves because that despicable human being didn’t want to care for the rabbits any longer. The rabbit chase began!

We chased the little critters around the thicket, inside the briers and in the cow pasture. Some predators had already feasted on a few rabbits. There were a few brown rabbits but the majority where common white rabbits with pink eyes. The white rabbits were the easiest to capture. Boo even helped to flush the rabbits from the thicket and help in the grand chase for the rabbits. Once we captured the little guys and gals we placed them in a dog kennel in the back of Walt’s truck. As the end of the chase, we had captured seventeen rabbits all white.

What do you do with seventeen rabbits after rescuing them from being a coyote’s breakfast, lunch and dinner. You give some away, you take one home to Huntsville and you keep a few on the farm. The one we took home to Huntsville was later named George. A very predictable name for a rabbit that would be loved for many years to come. George became our family pet just like a dog or cat would. For the first few months after George arrived in Huntsville, my parents would ask, “Do you still have that rabbit.” The answer was yes, but for a rabbit who was rescued off the side of a dirt road it was a little shocking he was still hanging around.

George was not just any rabbit. George was a twelve pound Monty Python rabbit. If Chuck Norris had a rabbit, it would be George. George once drop kicked our Jack Russell, Boo, and was known to bark at our neighbor’s dog. He spent many a nights indoors because of the cold. George loved the power outage that followed the April 2011 tornados, because he had so much company in the back yard. We camped out, we had a camp stew cook out, and a nightly bond fire. George was at his happiest!

Who could have imaged a thrown away rabbit having such a good life. He was fed and fed well. I would proclaim in his first year of living in Alabama that he is more expensive than a dog. He had a wooden hutch on the patio and a rabbit run under the trees in the back yard. He was a handsome rabbit too. He would have wild rabbit girl friends hop through the yard on occasion. He was a good rabbit!

Sadly this morning we put the aging hare down. Yes, he died just as Michael Jackson did, an overdoes of anesthesia. Our vet was very kind and loved the story of George. Looking back at his life, he was larger than life. He was also a large rabbit, only two pounds smaller than our dog. He was treated like a king and he gave us a lot of happiness. And just like the kings and monarchs of old he was given a royal burial in an undisclosed location. Long live King George I!

Food Along the Way

The holidays are about visiting family and friends while celebrating the birth of little baby Jesus. Part of that celebration is eating good food. This western adventure has taken us to many restaurants and the table at Red Cedar Cabin. You know, part of traveling is finding good food along the ways! I love top ten list, so I have compiled a list of the ten very best meals my little Indian pack has enjoyed.

McDonald’s in West Yellowstone, Montana: We ate at a few McDonald’s along the way. I know that breaks the first rule of the road when it comes to food, don’t eat something you can eat in your home town. The McDonald’s in West Yellowstone was a refuge from the cold and it did have good food and friendly service. Corey and Big Daddy felt that this McDonald’s was better than other Mickey D’s. Corey said that if other McDonald’s could make a burger as good as they did in West Yellowstone, McDonald’s would make a million dollars.

Silver Dollar Grill in Jackson Hole, Wyoming: Rhett, Reece, Chris and I joined Walter, Christy and little Lucy for our first meal together out west. We were staying at the Wort Hotel in Jackson Hole. The meal was exceptional. Walter commented that the steak was one of the best he had eatten. I loved my purple Idaho potatoes with Boursin cheese, YUMMY!

Sausage, Biscuits and Eggs at the cabin in West Yellowstone: The very first morning of the trip we woke up to a breakfast cooked by Big Daddy and the kids. It was amazing. It was so unexpected and joyful to have fresh eggs and bacon without the hassle of the drive thru line. There were a few mornings when Lucy had birthday cake, but you can do that on vacation!

Mile High Pizza Pie in Jackson Hole, Wyoming: We passed Mile High Pizza Pie a few times while we shopped and visited the downtown area of Jackson Hole. Each time we passed by, the smell of this little pizzeria was AMAZING! The food didn’t disappoint! We had a bacon and onion pizza. I don’t like onions but I loved this pizza!

Frostop Drive-In in Ashton, Idaho: We didn’t actually eat here. However, if we could have stopped this morning at 6:15 for a burger and fries, we would have. It has an old Frostop mug spinning in the parking lot. It looked so fun! We will eat there if we venture back to West Yellowstone.

Chipotle in Memphis, Tennessee: This was the first Chipotle experience for Rhett and Reece. Rhett’s first food was guacamole and both boys love MEXICAN FOOD. Rhett did have trouble finishing his burrito, so he called an audible for a bowl and fork. Reece loved the hot salsa!

Spaghetti at the cabin in West Yellowstone: The spaghetti meal was special because so many people had a hand in making the spaghetti. Big Daddy and I helped to season the sauce. Christy helped at every meal. The kids helped with the noodles. It was a team effort. Everything turned out wonderful!

Chipotle in Salt Lake City, Utah: I didn’t want to go to a Chipotle again; however, the boys were given the option to pick Since they were such angles at High West Distillery. Yes, we broke the second rule of the road, don’t eat at the same restaurant during a trip. They picked Chipotle over my favorite of In-N-Out. The boys didn’t understand how a burger place could be as good as Chipotle. They have never eaten at an In-N-Out. I think I failed them as an aunt.

Deer Steak at the cabin in West Yellowstone: Each supper was special, however to eat deer harvested in Carroll County, Mississippi made it a little bit better. The deer was wonderful and we even had some of the best cream corn in the world… Sweet G90 made by Big Mama! She is a damn good cook!

Zoom in Park City, Utah: Zoom is a Sundance Resort Restaurant. Which means it was a little fancy for us. And, I am sure my order will be controversial. However, this meal was so much fun. Rhett and Reece didn’t know about the menu and I was not a good “picker” for a kid’s meal. We ended up all ordering from the main menu and sharing. Rhett had a Worcestershire Cheesesteak, Chris had a barbecue chicken sandwich, Reece had a pulled pork quesadilla, and I had a hamburger. It was so much fun and very adventurous for us!

After all this food, I am going to diet when I get back to Alabama!

So Long Red Cedar Cabin

Today has been a lazy day filled with packing, cleaning and Christmas cheer! Our vacation is coming to a close and we need to reflect on our visit. Inside Red Cedar Cabin is a guest book filled will stories of past guests in this cabin. Our entry is as follows, plus we had to play my favorite game, “What was your favorite thing?”

Dec 19th – 26th, 2011

The Oliver family from Winona, Mississippi visited for Christmas. We had a lovely time staying at Red Cedar Cabin. Our family includes Bobby and Shirley Oliver and their two children’s family. Walter and Christy Oliver with their three children, Rhett, Reece and Lucy. Ruth Marie Oliver and her husband Christopher Key. During the first few days we had visiting friends Corey and Will B. to show us around.

We snowmobiled, took a guided tour in Yellowstone National Park and had many wonderful meals at the table of Red Cedar. Unfortunately we didn’t see any wildlife around the cabin, other than a squirrel or two. The snowfall was not huge during our stay however, we enjoyed the weather and hope to visit again in the future.

If you are reading this book and looking for suggestions on where to rent snowmobiles or a guided tour of YNP. We suggest Backcountry Adventures and ask for Skip to be your guide. Maybe we will see you on the trails.

Favorite Things From the Oliver Family

Big Daddy loved the precious time with his family and having a wonderful western adventure.
Big Mama loved all the activities from Monday to Sunday, including the meals.
Walter enjoyed snowmobiling and Yellowstone National Park. Walt wants to return and rent the BIG snowmobilies.
Christy loved seeing all the wildlife – eagle, raven, duck, ouzel, swan, elk, buffalo, wolf, moose, big horn sheep, antelope and bear.
Rhett enjoyed his visit to Jackson Hole, WY and would suggest to anyone to visit.
Reece loved seeing the buffalo and learning how to be a mountain man!
Lucy enjoyed staying around the cabin and watching movies with family.
Chris loved seeing the mountains again, snowmobiling and being with his family.
And I loved visiting Yellowstone National Park and adventuring to the peak of Two Top.

It has been a wonderful trip to West Yellowstone. The people here are truly spectacular and wonderful host… now it is time to get my ass back home!

P.S. We did celebrate Christmas today. We will be capping the festivities off tonight by having birthday cake for baby Jesus.

The Best Movie EVER!!!

One morning during this arctic adventure, our wake up call was a proud proclamation, “Elf is the BEST movie EVER!” Lucy seems to love the movie Elf! Elf is the modern Christmas classic for all children born after 1997. It has been the constant entertainment here at Mule Deer Lane.

If you know me or have traveled with me you will know my game, “What Was Your Favorite Thing”. Tonight we are playing, “What is your favorite Christmas movie”

Here are a few:

A Christmas Story
Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
The Night They Saved Christmas
It’s a Wonderful Life
Christmas Vacation
Miracle on 34th Street
Die Hard – I am sure some people will be scratching their heads… But this is definitely a Christmas movie!!!

You probably have your own favorite. Please do share!

I Think It’s Friday

This morning I woke up at seven o’clock. I could hear the family stirring downstairs making breakfast. There was not any set timeline for the day. We didn’t have to be anywhere or do anything in particular. I am not even sure what we had for breakfast. All I know is the day did start and it was another wonderful day!

Walt, Reece, Rhett, Chris and I ventured out on the snowmobiles. We had fun just as always zipping up and down the snow covered mountainside. We discovered a nice play area in a valley. Walt and Reece flipped over once, I fell off my snowmobile and Chris and Rhett tumbled as well. We left the area to head back home as Walt proclaimed this area was bad luck. Little did he know at the time, I had lost my phone and camera.

As we crossed over the highway, I looked in my pocket for my camera so that I could take a photo. I discovered a pocket full of snow where my Canon PowerShot and iPhone had been tucked safely. Oh NO! I didn’t want to lose either electronic device. However, if one had to leave me, I would pick my iPhone. You see, me and the camera had already had a near electronic death experience at Slide Rock in northern Arizona (see Rice Works: Arizona 4.1). I couldn’t imagine losing my little black camera. Luckily, neither would be claimed by the snow. In a miraculous search and rescue mission in below zero temperatures and through a foot of snow, Walt saved the electronic devices.

That was my excitement for the day. In an electronic world you can lose your iPhone and camera. How would I check into Foursquare? Today was supposed to be a chill day. See, I don’t know how to chill. I always want to do something. I need to be busy or adventurous. I set a goal of writing a blog post each day, and today I have felt un-inspired to write; which is why you had to learn about my stupid camera and iPhone. A friend sent me a nice text commenting on my photos and blog post. I responded with, I have better photos, but I am just too lazy to post. I think that is what vacation is all about.

Vacation is about forgetting the crap in everyday life. Vacation is about reconnecting with the people you love the most – your family. Vacation is about forgetting what day it is or intentionally losing your smart phone. Most of all, vacation is about making memories with family and friends. I have been lucky this year to have some amazing vacations. I don’t have anything to complain about. Thank you Anderson and Tim for getting married on a Disney cruise. Stupid Irene didn’t get in the way of a great few days in NYC with Snapper! This winter wonderland was a great way to end the year.

Moose Tracks

Yes, that is a popular Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. But today it means the obvious, moose tracks. This morning I woke up to a large ruckus outside my room. Rhett, Reece, and Lucy were playing loudly at 6:32 am Mountain Standard Time. The goal for today was snowmobiling. The early start was to get the sleds from West Yellowstone and back to the cabin so we could explore the great outdoors around our cabin. The first group left for the snowmobile dealer promptly at 7:15, upon return they reported the siting of moose, BIG MOOSE!

Once we all arrived back with six snowmobiles and all the snow gear needed to live in the North Pole, we hit the trails. This might have been the biggest mistake of the day. We just hit the trail. It was like Scarlet O’Hara saying, “I will think about that tomorrow!”  We were like kids on the first snow fall of the winter in Mississippi in ten years. We hit the trail with Rhett, Reece, Lucy, Big Daddy, Walt, Christy, Corey G., Will B., Chris and me. We drove up and down the trails. I flipped the snowmobile twice. Much better than my ski slope record.

The scenery was magnificent. I have said it before, it is a winter wonderland, a place where you know there is a God and he is a mighty God. The best thing about all of this is my family is right here with me. Still, we did leave Big Momma at the house playing Bejeweled but it was all good. As we were zipping up and down the trails, the little kids switched back and forth from snowmobile to snowmobile. Lucy and Reece rode with me most of the day. There was a time I was solo. I am thankful for our guides, Corey and Will B. They led us to a lodge in the middle of nowhere. It was only accessible by snowmobiles and dogsleds. By the way, we did see dogsleds and that would be the only thing cooler than snowmobiling.

We will call the place we stopped “Henry’s Meadow Creek Lodge”. Imagine a biker joint in the middle of the snow, with a gray haired man cooking hamburgers and greasy spoon gourmet food such as a hot burger. A hot burger consisted of a hamburger patty on buttery toast with brown gravy all over it. I felt like I was at Airport Grocery in 1997. I will never find the place again. But Guy Fieri should find this place and put it on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. My bacon cheese burger was good!!

After we left Henry’s, we visited Big Spring, a hot spring in Idaho. There were mallard ducks swimming in the spring and moose droppings all around the edge. I know it was moose dropping because I read the book, “Who Pooped in the Park”. Just after we left Big Spring we got lost, really lost. But we saw another moose. Seeing moose makes everything better. We thought that we would be back at the cabin by 2:00 pm, however it was more like 4:00 pm. Somewhere in between two o’clock and four o’clock Lucy passed out. She was like a limp and lifeless sack of noodles, poor girl.

The day did end. It ended with a fantastic spaghetti dinner in the Red Cedar cabin. Life is good. Want to know how I know? I don’t know the day of the week. It is a great day. Even if there is still ruckus going on behind me.

Christmas Vacation

So this morning we woke up under sunny skies in Jackson, Wyoming. The plan for the day was to visit the National Elk Refuge for a sleigh ride and see the elk herd up close and personal. The boys wanted to take their rifles, but that would have been a bad idea.

Next year the National Elk Refuge will celebrate its 100th anniversary of protecting the elk herd during the winter months. The Refuge was started to help feed the elk during the winter months. Once Jackson was settled, there was too much competition between ranchers and the elk for the grass or feed in the area. Our guide told us a story of elk pushing down fences to get at farmers’ hay before the refuge was built. Ninety-nine years after the National Elk Refuge was started, I can report the elk are doing well. We saw over forty elk.

After the sleigh ride we invaded Jackson’s city center for some hard core shopping. Reece (a.k.a. Ragging Bull) wanted a cowboy hat, boots, spurs, chaps and a colt revolver. Well, that might be a little exaggerated. Reece did however pick out a cute cowboy hat. Rhett and Lucy cowboyed up with winter weather gear and a Cowboy Joe t-shirt. I, however, found the love of my life… a new back pack for both major and minor adventures.  After shopping, all cowboys headed home.

Home for the week is just outside of West Yellowstone, Montana, in a cozy cedar cottage. We have plenty of room and a Christmas tree. Amazingly, we all made it to the same location by three different routes. Walt, Christy and Lucy drove cross county through eight states. My mom and dad flew from Memphis, Tennessee to Portland, Oregon and then drove to Montana. Finally, my team flew from Memphis to Salt Lake City then drove to meet the gang. No matter how we arrived at the final destination, we agree on the splendid Christmas Vacation that is in store for us. No pre-wrapped kittens or jello molds! No cousin Eddie dumping his RV’s septic tank into the street side drain! No flaming toupee or crazy renditions of the National Anthem. It is just my family in the middle of a snowy world. WOW! I am so excited.

To top all of the glorious site seeing, we had salmon croquettes, soupy rice and biscuits for dinner. To top that off, Walt, Reece, Rhett, Chris and I are in the middle of a heated Monopoly game… winner to be decided. To top all that off, we are just getting started.

Day One of Operation Snow Berries

Yes, I summoned spirit of Arctic Puffin for my title. However, I have never seen such a winter wonderland before today. Driving through Utah, Wyoming and Idaho was simply magnificent. Only the hand of God could create the beauty of our surroundings. I can’t wait for the rest of the week!!!

To the point, I am on vacation and that is the perfect time to write. Over the last 36 hours Christopher and I have escorted Rhett and Reese Oliver half way across the country to Jackson, Wyoming. We picked the boys up in Carroll County, Mississippi yesterday. We drove to Memphis, Tennessee to stay the night and eat Chipotle. There is no trip complete until there is a stop at Chipotle. This morning we flew from Memphis to Salt Lake City, Utah.

The drive from Salt Lake City was long and sometimes daunting when looking for an outhouse along the way, but it was the most amazing adventure. We stopped on the side of the road to play in the snow. We saw elk, big horn sheep, mule deer and moosalo. Don’t know what a moosalo is? We couldn’t identify a creature that looked like a moose and kinda like a buffalo. We called them moosalo.

After joining Walter, Christy and Lucy in Jackson this afternoon, we ate dinner in the Silver Dollar Grill, named so because there are 2,032 uncirculated 1921 Morgan Silver Dollars inlayed in the bar top. If the U.S. is ever in need of silver, they can visit Jackson, Wyoming. It was fun eating with the family. However, this place is cold! After walking the kids around the town, I had to visit the Silver Dollar Bar. Funny thing, I met someone who knew a lot about whiskey and bourbon. I have always wanted to walk into a cowboy bar and ask for a whiskey. Tonight I got the chance.

Tomorrow we are going to visit the wildlife refuge and drive to West Yellowstone. There we will join my mom and dad for the remainder of our Christmas Vacation. Baby, It is Cold Out Side!