Twelve is like a symbolic number.  Jesus had twelve disciples, there are twelve months in a year, twelve eggs in a dozen, twelve inches in a foot, and twelve days of Christmas just to name a few things that make twelve important. 

Twelve years ago, today, I tried starting this blog!  Imagine, this was before I knew what Facebook was and long before I ever thought Donald Trump as President of the United State was a terrible idea.  The blog ran really well for a while.  I became good at sharing my thoughts and feelings, but then I got busy.  It shuffled to the bottom of my to do list.  I did get busy doing things I could have shared as posts.  It could have made GraphiteFree a travel blog, race report blog, or political commentary.  

Many popular bloggers turned to vlogging.  Vloggers made millions on YouTube.  Then, Snap Chat & Tic Tock became the rage.  Why didn’t I catch the fever to do something more?  I guess I was swimming, biking, or running somewhere.  Oh, the bike distance for Ironman is 112 miles.  Get back on track!  Recently, I have wanted to share my opinion and feelings more than any other year.  Blame my rediscovered desire to share on my infatuation with Pete Buttigieg, the global pandemic, the George Floyd incident, or the recent presidential election.  I want to share my voice more.  My first post warned of political rants.  I didn’t deliver on that promise! 

On this the twelfth anniversary of GraphiteFree, I am recommitted to the cause of sharing my thoughts and feelings.  To show the world how committed to relaunching my blog I am posting this commando, which is an “inside joke” and refers back to my original post!  

And there will be more to come about twelve. 

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