Golf Dudes Suck

I haven’t written a good rant since I spewed anger towards Jeff Benton, but I am sure Jeff Benton will fall into the demographic of my current topic. So today, I am releasing the wolves on golf dudes.  Chris has told me many times, I am a bitch when I am in a golf store.  I get cranky and aggressive.  I demand service and respect from the golf store’s personnel.  Why?  Because of golf dudes. Golf dudes are the guys at the driving range with a pitcher of Miller Lite, who talk too loud, smoke too much and try to hit the cover off the ball with their expensive driver and oversized egos.  Yes, this may come across as a man hating blog post; however, not all male golfers are like this.  Yesterday, I met two or three dozen golf dudes, all of which suck.

I would describe golf dudes as men who think women can’t play golf.  Most golf dudes don’t care about anything except having the latest, greatest, and most expensive equipment. They don’t really care about the game. Golf dudes are the below average golfer who works for “fill-in-the-blank” chain golf store.  Most of which do not greet or service women golfers in their stores. Simply put, golf dudes dismiss women golfers and their money. I would rather be treated like Julia Roberts as the hooker in Pretty Woman when she shopped Rodeo Drive. They at least spoke to her.

I will be the first to admit that the skill and strength needed to be a professional male golfer can not be achieved by most female golfers, pro or amateur.  However, women can play golf and they can also spend money on golf equipment, green fees and golf outings.  Which is the current source of my frustration.  Yes, I am a strong willed, red-headed female.  I like to think I am an above average golfer.

Yesterday, I visited the Madison Golf Center’s demo days.  There was at least ten to twelve sales representatives from golf companies like Nike, Cleveland, Ping, TaylorMade, and Callaway.  I love the people at Madison Golf Center and would never complain about them.  And I know that the overwhelming majority of golf equipment sales comes from the male golfer. The sales representatives with tents pitched, in anticipation of making sales, or inciting consumers to pledge allegiance to their brand.  These golf dudes did not even speak to me and my friend.  It was the most awkward shopping and customer service experience of my life.  At the time that I walked through the demo booths at the driving range there was 40 to 50 men, some representing their company and some using the demo equipment.  I walked through twice, not even a word from the sales representatives who did make eye contact with me!  I was furious.

The point of this cranky post is to tell all the golf companies that yes their number one demographic is male golfers, but women can spend money too.  Sales is sales… it doesn’t matter if I wear a bra and my golf clubs are pink.  I still should get some respect! First as a human who is interested in their product, then as a customer who represents the female consumer who spends seven trillion dollars each year in the market place and finally as a golfer who wants to learn, grow and improve.  After this treatment, I guess I will stop spending my money on golf and just spend it on something else… maybe triathlon equipment!  You suck golf dudes, and you won’t get my money!

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