I Think It’s Friday

This morning I woke up at seven o’clock. I could hear the family stirring downstairs making breakfast. There was not any set timeline for the day. We didn’t have to be anywhere or do anything in particular. I am not even sure what we had for breakfast. All I know is the day did start and it was another wonderful day!

Walt, Reece, Rhett, Chris and I ventured out on the snowmobiles. We had fun just as always zipping up and down the snow covered mountainside. We discovered a nice play area in a valley. Walt and Reece flipped over once, I fell off my snowmobile and Chris and Rhett tumbled as well. We left the area to head back home as Walt proclaimed this area was bad luck. Little did he know at the time, I had lost my phone and camera.

As we crossed over the highway, I looked in my pocket for my camera so that I could take a photo. I discovered a pocket full of snow where my Canon PowerShot and iPhone had been tucked safely. Oh NO! I didn’t want to lose either electronic device. However, if one had to leave me, I would pick my iPhone. You see, me and the camera had already had a near electronic death experience at Slide Rock in northern Arizona (see Rice Works: Arizona 4.1). I couldn’t imagine losing my little black camera. Luckily, neither would be claimed by the snow. In a miraculous search and rescue mission in below zero temperatures and through a foot of snow, Walt saved the electronic devices.

That was my excitement for the day. In an electronic world you can lose your iPhone and camera. How would I check into Foursquare? Today was supposed to be a chill day. See, I don’t know how to chill. I always want to do something. I need to be busy or adventurous. I set a goal of writing a blog post each day, and today I have felt un-inspired to write; which is why you had to learn about my stupid camera and iPhone. A friend sent me a nice text commenting on my photos and blog post. I responded with, I have better photos, but I am just too lazy to post. I think that is what vacation is all about.

Vacation is about forgetting the crap in everyday life. Vacation is about reconnecting with the people you love the most – your family. Vacation is about forgetting what day it is or intentionally losing your smart phone. Most of all, vacation is about making memories with family and friends. I have been lucky this year to have some amazing vacations. I don’t have anything to complain about. Thank you Anderson and Tim for getting married on a Disney cruise. Stupid Irene didn’t get in the way of a great few days in NYC with Snapper! This winter wonderland was a great way to end the year.

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