Don’t Touch the Butte

Wednesday was another mighty day of snowmobiling. The great thing about today having gotten six inches of snow overnight. Therefore trail-conditions were much more suitable for riding. We started off early, however red headed nature took over at one point where I was riding angrily. Chris and I slid off the snowmobile trail and down a hill. Yes, the Bull was driving. I think, I thought I was skiing and just didn’t want to yield to good sense. Shall I say the adventure of digging us out was marital counseling.

Today, we visited two awesome locations. First was the Horse Butte (see photo). Honestly, after yesterday I didn’t know what the big dial was about snowmobiling. It was bumpy and difficult. Today, we saw even cooler scenery, more majestic vistas and explored higher points. I really can’t describe the day other than showing you photos. However, the only thing that was cooler about yesterday than today was the lodge we ate at. Everything about today other than McDonald’s food was better than yesterday. It was amazing!

Today we had a smaller group riding; however, it was Rhett’s eleventh birthday. Big Daddy and Christy stayed back to prep the birthday party.  Rhett started the day riding on the back of my sled. He is a little more conservative than most eleven year old boys. He is a very good driver, and he didn’t let me run off the trail much. Reece on the other hand would ride full throttle from here to Anchorage. When Lucy rides on the snowmobiles, she falls asleep. She retired after our lunch break today.

As we approached the summit of Horse Butte and Two Tops I felt like I was in a National Geographic show, “Journey to the North Pole”. It was 14F and a whopping -31F windchill at the top of Two Tops. I now have a better idea of the true meaning of, “Cooler than Reindeer Nuts”! It is cold! It is really cold here in Montana.

Tomorrow we will go to Yellowstone National Park. We won’t be traveling via snowmobile, but we will be all together. I can’t wait! I can’t wait to see the glory of Yellowstone. I wish I could explain verbally how awesome this place is. It is so great to visit with my family and have a great big adventure here in Montana/Idaho!

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