Sinner vs. Center

Tonight when I heard of the passing of former Mississippi State great and Buffalo Bills, Kent Hull, I was transported back to French Camp, Mississippi. Kent was a member of the Buffalo Bills teams that went to four Super Bowls. He was selected to 4 Pro Bowl teams. But most impressive, Jim Kelly touched his butt on a regular basis.

Kent Hull also sent his son to camp each summer at Camp of the Rising Son. I remember one afternoon Chief Brad Herod retelling a story from Bible Study. Chief Brad is one of my absolute favorite people in the whole world. He had been teaching his little Choctaw boys what being a SINNER meant. Kent’s son looked up at Chief Brad and proudly proclaim, “My father is the best CENTER in the world, he plays for the Buffalo Bills.” Little Mr. Hull was confused by Chief Brad’s thick Mississippi accent. When Chief Brad was teaching that “all have sinned and fallen short of the kingdom of God!” Chief Brad was not talking about wide right in the 1991 Super Bowl.

The pride of a young son looking up to his dad is so precious. This is one of my favorite camp stories. I felt like tonight would be a great night to share it! Thank you Chief Brad and thank you Kent Hull for being a Bulldog!

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