The Shizzle

What should I write about next? What item on my cork board should I tell you about? When I asked Rachel Ray, she had a hard time deciding between the Wisconsin cow post card and the photo of her training class. She looked at the 2009 training group and said, “The Shizzle!” I am sure she meant that group was the shizzle. I have difficulty interpreting things. Call it my stubborn red headed nature or the fact that I am very self centered, but the shizzle definitely is referring to my job!

True, in this photo is of a solid group of outstanding staff and many of whom are now supervisors at camp or have gone on to work at other camps and fantastic places. I could list off names, but I am sure I would leave someone out. But just look, there is Michael Hall (Digger). He is now selling furniture at the Red House in North Carolina. Kim Thornton (Spud) has started her own baked potato restaurant on the campus of Boise State. Faith Laska is in Hollywood working as a body double for Zooey Deschanel. And who can forget Rachel Ray. Well, she isn’t my favorite, but she can spell really well.

I look at this photo and see how lucky I am to get to know each and every one of these wonderful people. They are different and special each one of them. They come to Space Camp for a season or two but their impact stays around for years. I am lucky! I get to teach, train, coach and mentor new Space Camp staff and most of the time I learn much myself along the way. This group may not be the best group ever to train at Space Camp, but they are near the top of a very short list. I have the greatest job! Maybe “The Shizzle” is describing this group, but I am lucky to be included!

The photo was given to me by Brandi Wahl. She has just recently returned to camp from working at a few different camps. Until I put this photo on my cork board the photo was safely tucked in my moleskin journal. The photo, just like most everything on this cork board, is very dear to me.

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