Yellow Pencils

“More than a writing and art products company Dixon Ticonderoga is a company that empowers people to take conscious and subliminal thoughts – facts, ideas and dreams – and preserve them using tools that are simply extensions of themselves.”

A few years back I started the sentimental ritual of buying school supplies each fall. It was just after I left teaching and started full time at Space Camp. I am defiantly better suited at Space Camp than in the classroom; however, I miss school supplies. As a teacher I had two pencil cups on my desk. One cup held pencils for public use. Those pencils could be used by students who were not prepared for class or just needed an extra pencil. These pencils were most often found on the floor after class. Chewed and gnarled by students these pencils had less than adequate writing cores. Then there were my pencils, a gleaming cup full of perfectly sharpened number two Dixon Ticonderoga pencils.  The pencil angels guarded these pencils from unappreciative students and their dirty little hands.

Once I started buying my favorite pencil the people of Space Camp started to notice the greatness of the Dixon Ticonderoga. After I stated using the pencil others followed and soon I had dozens of Dixon disciples. It was a writing utensil revolution. Adults who had never been exposed to a quality pencil wept with joy at the ease in writing. Men and women rushed to Staples to buy their own Dixon Ticonderoga pencils. Ok, this is a bit of an over exaggeration. One thing is true, the greatness of Dixon Ticonderoga pencils was introduced to many employees at Space Camp.

This small writing sample is from Dixon Ticonderoga’s website. It is a marketing slogan that I picked up when I started used Dixon Ticonderoga pencils as props in The Presentation Everyone L.I.K.E.S. This presentation is used to teach new staff how to present educational topics as a Space Camp counselor. Joseph Dixon wanted to create a company that made a product that was the “best of its kind.” I want the counselor staff at Space Camp to be the best of their kind. This small quote on my cork board is one of many reminders I have in my office to show staff that I mean what I say. I am all in, committed to greatness, an over achiever in the pencils world, and dedicated to the education of the masses. If you are going to be a nerd about something, just step up your game and be a geek!

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