Near the center of my cork board there is a white button that has everyone’s favorite fighting vegetable on it with the words, “I’m an Okra too!”  This button was picked up while recruiting at my alma mater, Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi.  This is the coolest idea for a happy I have ever seen.  Recruiters that graduated from DSU are given these buttons to wear around campus while recruiting.  It shouts to the college students, “I love my school and proud of my career! Please work for us!”

My time at Delta State was great! It was the perfect university for me.  I was somewhat fearful of the college experience, but I was lucky to have wonderful professors and friends at DSU.  It is amazing how much Delta State and Space Camp helped to form the Okra I am today.  During my student teaching at DSU, I met Julie Ferris at Madison Avenue Elementary School.  At that time, Julie was a second grade teacher at Madison Avenue and would later be my first boss at Space Camp.

Next week, I will get to again visit DSU to recruit staff to work at Space Camp!  I will see my good friend Emily, visit with new friends, and hopefully recruit a few Okras to work next spring at the most amazing camp in the world! So my button serves as a happy reminder of who I am, where I came from, and where I am headed!  Thank you Delta State!

Shameless Plug… if you want a job at camp use this link to learn more.  Space Camp Staff Application

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