Traveling with the Platinum Member

"shine like the top of the Chrysler Building"I am writing this morning from our hotel room in New York City. Chris and I are on only our third extended vacation together. We haven’t really found the time to take a week or so off from work since we got married. Our last vacation was during Hurricane Katrina, so we decided not to vacation after that.

Chris is a business traveler. He travels most every week and he doesn’t have a redhead following him or sometimes dragging him from place to place. There are some benefits to Chris being a business traveler, POINTS. Yes, he gets points for everything. Airline points, hotel points, and even brownie points. The brownie points are given by me, because sometimes him being gone during the week is a blessing!

Yesterday, because Chris has PLATINUM on Delta we flew “Business Elite” class. This was somewhat amusing to me. As a youngster when flying commercial I would stare at the first class passengers. I just knew some of them where famous. Well, I am here to attest, we are all just normal people. First Class must have changed over the years. Growing up on a farm I imagine first class was similar to that depicted in the Unsinkable Molly Brown. I envisioned jewel crusted, silver lined poo pots in first class. This is not the case. The difference between me and the people who truly paid to sit in first class, they paid more for their blue jeans than I did for mine. We are all the same. All of us normal people got to New York at the same time!

Our hotel room is being paid for by the same magical points. The Marriott is good to my husband; when I lock him out of the house, he lives at the Marriott. He spends so much time at the Marriott that, during the Census, he was able to claim another residence, the Marriott! Last time we visited NYC we stayed at a Courtyard. This trip we are at the Marriott close to the Waldorf Astoria. I liked the Courtyard better. This trip we were given a postage stamp room with a postage stamp window. This did not make the platinum member happy. Not to worry, he went and spoke his Marriott language to the peeps at the front desk, and now we have a couch and two postage stamp windows!

We walked around last night and made our way to Grand Central Station. Oh my! There were so many people there it looked like ants scurrying to rebuild their home. Just outside the train terminal we found a pub to have a drink. I am proud to proclaim, they do have Jack in New York City. I was a little worried that they might not have our local distiller’s product so far from home. While there we shifted down a few seats so that two ladies could sit together. They gushed praise about our courtesy so that all around could hear. Deep in my head I was saying, “We are southern, hospitality is in our blood! Don’t burn us next time and maybe you will learn more.”

Honestly, I love New York! I love the people, places, sights, and sounds! And I love the Yankees! I am looking forward to the rest of my NYC vacation!

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