Wild Pig on the Right

On the left you will see the Space Shuttle, and on the right there is a wild pig, wild pig on the right! As we were driving parallel to the crawler-way our tour guide Doug Wheelock (aka Wheels) exclaimed “Wild pig on the right.” In all its glory the Space Shuttle could not top the male pig we saw running through the Florida swamp land. Merritt Island is a wildlife refuge known for eagles and alligators, but you would not think of a wild pig.

This morning started with the Shuttle Launch Experience at KSC with the whole gang! We then ventured out to the OPF, the shuttle landing facility with four T-38s and a few STAs, and the mate-demate facility, oh there was the VAB and oh my… pad 39A. Yes, that was one really long run-on sentence, but even Marcia geeked out. All of this on top of the fact that Space Camp’s first alumni will be onboard Discovery for STS-131. I am so excited! I need to go to bed, but I just don’t think that will be possible!

We had a wonderful meal at Grills near Port Canaveral. Rock shrimp with our friend Jack as cruse ships passed by was wonderful! LeRoy was there dancing with Marcia, Kerby, and me as we prepared for our launch experience. Right now we are at the two hour hold and tanking will start soon. I guess I should ready for bed and watch NASA TV. Good Luck and God Speed!

Oh, I hope Haney is ok; she was stuck with a stiletto at work.

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