I am Expecting!!!

Yes, you read that correctly, I am expecting! If you are reading this blog then you will find out the true meaning of the title. See last weekend I wrote about my husband Chris going back to work at PricewaterhouseCoopers. He left his local job at Booz Allen Hamilton where he was less than challenged, to travel back and forth to Minneapolis, Minnesota. This job switch might mean that we have to move to a larger city for his job at PwC. But I don’t think anyone read that blog!

See, I think people just read the title and skipped the content. No one asked me any questions about my blog, “Single Again,” However, people asked other people if Chris and I were getting a divorce. This has forced me to make a new life rule! Life rule number six states, never ever will I post personal life changing news on Facebook, GraphiteFree, or in general the internet. Furthermore, I will not use Twitter or text messaging to deliver news to my friends and family that might be shocking or scandalous.

In conclusion, I am expecting you the reader to read the contents of my blogs in full. Don’t just read a title and assume that I am not wearing underwear (Going Commando), getting a divorce (Single Again), or I am pregnant (I am Expecting). Please, I encourage all people that can read the southern English language to read, comment, and correct my spelling. Please refrain from gossip based solely on the title of my blogs!

12 thoughts on “I am Expecting!!!”

  1. So, I’m a little confused about your picture. I initially thought that you were trying to portray how you use your computer, phone, and Boo to pass on your newest news to the blogging world; but then I preceded to read how you will not post any of the scandalous information on the internet…

    Then, I thought it was an effort to show how you are single again and how when you’re at home the only things keeping you company are your computer, phone, and Boo; but then I thought to myself “Who exactly is taking that picture?”…

    So, now I’m just confused and wondering if you spelled divorce wrong on purpose to see who would notice…

  2. I don’t know why that posted twice. I think my computer is taking away Nemo the Ninja’s sneaky skills…

  3. Confusion is a good thing. I help with the conversation. The photo is more about my snowflake pajama pants and less about Boo and I passing the time without Chris. I am trying to show how diligent I am at resolving conflict and confusion on the internet. I am hard at work with my computer, iPhone, and dog!

  4. hey i read it…..don’t make me sad…..i did not let you down. :o(
    btw: i’m not expecting either. ha! phew!

  5. Thanks Charity! You really read my blog and noticed I misspelled divorce. Thanks for your comment! First comment in months!

  6. hey i read it…..don’t make me sad…..i did not let you down. :o(
    btw: i’m not expecting either. ha! phew!

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