On a Roll!

After suffering a devastating loss in the 2008 presidential election, my teams have won big! Seeing the Republicans lose miserably in 2008 my competitive spirit was saddened and almost threw in the towel all together. My Yankees didn’t make the MLB playoffs in 2008. Peyton lost in the first round of the NFL payoffs. The Mississippi State Bulldogs were demoralized in the 2008 Egg Bowl 45-0 by their arch rival Ole Miss.

Today, I enjoyed watching my old boyfriend win his second AFC Championship. As I enjoyed this glorious come from behind victory, I realized my teams have been on a roll! The Yankees won the series this past season! The Bulldogs, lead by Dan Mullen, won the Egg Bowl big! They might not have had a winning season, but that doesn’t matter if you are victorious over Ole Miss! My husband’s alma mater Alabama won the National Title and Mark Ingram won the Heisman. I am an Independent in this state’s rivalry, but I claim that victory in the name of Punkin! Less than a year after our President took office the Republicans won a big race in Massachusetts with 1982 Cosmo model Scott Brown!

See, as excited as I am, I know my teams can’t keep rolling! And that is why I am so concerned about Super Bowl XLIV. My allegiance will always be with Peyton Manning, the New York Yankees, the GOP, and the MSU Bulldogs. However, I am worried my boy Peyton will lose, thus breaking my unprecedented winning streak! So should I use the logic of pulling for the other team just to help my true team win? Should I just quit following competitive sports? Or, should I just ride the roll until it is over?

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