Poverty Barn

This weekend was a great weekend at the Barn. I had been away from the Barn for over a week. Returning from a trip to Wisconsin and a recruiting trip to Florida, it was great to work with all my friends on Sunday. I got to work with an old timer Manhattan Chair. Manhattan and I go way back… back, back, back, back, all the way back to the store opening. Earlier this fall we celebrated our Barn’s sixth anniversary by working together. I have learned a lot from everyone I have worked with, but Manhattan has taught me a lot about management and the PB way!!!

I want to share one of Manhattan’s stories with you first.  She had a guest that wanted to freshen up her bedroom décor. Fresh being the key word… This guest needed something new to re-energize a room that had given her so many memories. She shared that so many men had influenced her life and this was represented in her bedroom. She had dated a Protestant, a Catholic, and… {whispering} a Muslim… she had been married to an American, a Russian, and a Canadian. At this point in time, I would have boldly stated, “I feel so uncomfortable!!!” Not the calm, cool and collected Manhattan Chair! The guest was asking for intimately more than decorating advice. She stared a blushing situation down without blinking an eye. I on the other hand would have run screaming into the back of the Barn. No time to chat about rolling in the hay around this Barn.

I had the privilege of meeting a delightful couple in need of a dining table and chairs. This I could handle! They reminded me of Goldilocks and The Three Bears. The Montego family sat in one chair and it was too BIG. They tried another chair and it was too SMALL. They finally found a chair that was just RIGHT!! It was so charming how they moved from one chair to the next and communicated their likes and dislikes. They looked at this table and that table and found the one that was just right for them. They asked me if it would be going on sale anytime soon. Unfortunately for them the Barn’s executives don’t share top secret pricing information with little ole me. I shared with them some shopping strategies and tips and they shared with me their pet name for the Barn.

Before I tell you their clever name for the Barn, the Montegos are loyal lovers of the Barn. I am sure they are just Dave Ramsey disciples. Their pet name is a great reminder that the Barn must truly appreciate their loyal lovers during this economic down turn. Thus, customer service is a must! They lovingly call the Barn, Poverty Barn, because if you shop too much at the Barn, you will be forced to live in the poverty house. As soon as they shared their pet name, they gave me permission to use the name. So I shared with them my little blog that I sometimes write about the best retail store in Huntsville!!! I think me and the Montegos are kindred spirits. I hope I am at the Barn when they purchase their dining room table.

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