Turkey Plates

When I decided to return to work at the Barn I didn’t know how much fun I would have. I felt like Brett Favre returning from retirement to beat his old team. I enjoy each shift I work. Especially when I have the time to be at the Barn!

Recently while working with Hudson, our old friend Cameron Drape visited. She came into the Barn with an entourage of little turkey plates (grandchildren). I didn’t see all of them at first but after helping Cameron for a moment or two, I heard a ruckus in the back yard. There were four little turkey plates in the back, Tom, Tommy, Tomasena, and Tomás!

The ruckus was so loud that Hudson was about to lose his calm, cool nature. Hudson typically is a super cool unflappable sort, but little Tommy was a wrecking ball! They where playing “Tackle-Me Elmo” around the back room furniture. I began trying to corral the little ones forward. Tomasena gave me a dirty look for wrangling her. My job is to sell products at the Barn, not herding turkeys plates. I am skilled in this art from my other job at the Rocket.

Tommy was a cute kid. At one point he was playing in the front window. Yes, the front window display. I heard a crash, bang! When I turned the corner, he was lying in the floor. The little turkey plate looked up at me with a sinister grin, “I fell down!” I flushed him out and gathered up the display plates as I tried answering Cameron’s questions. She was debating the same items she had debated on Saturday with Heather Chenille and Magnolia Garland. She needed to match wall paper in her dining room. But then out of the blue she switched focus and concentrated on wreaths and garlands. Earlier this past weekend, she had picked out a table runner or two and now she had returned those items. The objective this evening was placemats and an outing for the turkeys plates. Every kid under the age of five wants to visit the Barn. It is much cooler than building a stuffed animal.

The little turkeys plates bouncing on the beds and throwing pillows around were a distraction. I tried bribing the little ones to behave with a fire truck. Cameron Drape would take them down a few yards from the Barn to see the fire truck if they would sit still. I am sure Cameron Drape didn’t like my idea. She wanted to get the turkey plates back to the cupboard. To add to the chaos we had other guests visiting our Barn. One of the barn yard hands helped me corral the turkey plates and finish the transaction while Hudson worked on a barnyard tool on the side.

As Cameron left the Barn, I had a little bit of sadness run through my bones. I don’t know, maybe because I wish I was knee high to a grasshopper hanging out with my grandmother in the mall. Or maybe it was I wished I could visit the fire truck to ring the bell – ding, ding! Ding, ding! Heck, I even wanted to bounce from sofa to coffee table to ottoman to chair and then back again! Some people think Cameron Drape is a handful, but it is all in a day’s work at the Barn and made for a great night with lots of action! And I am having fun with every minute of it!

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