Mosquitoes and STDs

Rain, rain and more rain! I left North America and was transported magically to Southeast Asia or a tropical rain forest in South America. Oh, did it rain! Being in Cleveland as it rained today reminded me of all those days I didn’t want to go to class. I would rather hibernate in my room! But not today, we had to find staff to work at Space Camp and Aviation Challenge. Today we focused our efforts at DSU’s Teacher Career Fair and visited three Aviation classes.

The Teacher Career Fair was great, lots of great kids wanting to expand there knowledge base and have fun with kids. There was one lady I spoke to this morning that had a love hate relationship with the Mississippi Delta. She was telling me how many mosquitoes the Delta had. Her comment was, “The Mississippi Delta has lots of mosquitoes and STDs!” In my head I thought, “STD’s did the mosquitoes contribute to that high number? Where did this come from?” I grind and commented with the Delta has lots of great food and wonderful people. Her response was when right back to the gutter, “Oh, lots of food to make us obese and wonderful people to fall in love, giving us all those STD’s!” I didn’t know how to respond. I just asked if she should would like a coozie? Wait, we are in Mississippi, the people here call them huggies.

The Delta is a wonderful place. Lots of food places to eat! This afternoon we visited one of my all time favorite places A la Carte Alley on Court Street! I love it! My favorite sandwich from there is the Turkey & Cheddar on Kaiser roll! Sounds simple, but yum, yum good! Not as good as the PBC Wedge, but it would be on the map of good sandwiches. Amazon did enjoy her loaded baked potato soup and grill cheese sandwich but the butter had a sweet taste to it. I love how the Delta has so many great little shops and eateries! I miss the Delta, but I wish this rain would leave.

This afternoon we visited a few Aviation classes. We chatted with lots of wonderful people. In one class there was a guy, Mr. Talks-a-lot! He had on a John Deere ball cap. My comment to him was, “Did you know John Deere built airplanes way back when?” Obviously he didn’t know about this trivial factoid! We covered our material and hopefully encouraged a few Okras to work at Space Camp. Later in the afternoon, I check my email to find an email from “the John Deere Hat Guy.” He wanted to ask more questions about camp and such.

We met up with Mr. John Deere Hat at a great new restaurant called, Hey Joe’s. Great place, it looks like a warehouse but really funky and cool! It was non-smoking with lots of brick and old soda signs around the room. It would be the restaurant I would open if I could open a restaurant! It was a very fun place with lots of cool music. We heard Pearl Jam and Journey on the loop multiple times. Amazon is eating for a whole team of X-Campers. Since we have been on our trip she has eaten a large plate of fajita nachos, two sausage biscuits, soup and salad, and 12 wings from Hey Joe’s! WOW! I am use to traveling with Snapper who doesn’t eat much! Amazon eats everything. Wait… she is eating my computer.

Today was a gloomy day. It could have been because I realized that it has been ten years since I graduated from DSU in education. I still love being an Okra, even if the skies are gray. We visited the gym. I showed Amazon the six national championship trophies and the Margaret Wade Trophy. My school has tradition! It was fun showing a ball player around my school! I love Hey Joe’s! For me it is the new Airport Grocery! After Airport Grocery moved, it isn’t the same. It is dead to me! Bring on Hey Joe’s and bring on more recruiting.

Tomorrow we will purchase Fighting Okra shirts… America’s Favorite Fighting Vegetable!

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