Barn Yard Behavior

It was great to be back at the Barn after traveling around the southeastern states. I look so forward to my time at the Barn on the weekends, because so many of our regular visitors stop by to say hello. This weekend we had so many friends and family come a calling. I was stationed in the back of the Barn which is a great spot to people watch.

I noticed that some Barn visitors wear their sunglasses inside. I guess they are just that cool. The lady wearing her Chanel shades made a mess of everything. She looked at the pillow covers, and tossed them back. She rummaged through the baskets only to leave some in the floor. She even pulled rugs off the display table. I guess those glasses keep her from seeing the mess she was making.

There was another friend who visited. We know Savannah because she has a twin, Havana. Savannah and Havana are identical twins with identically good tastes; they shop at the Barn. Savannah and her hubby are decorating their new home. She worked with almost every barn yard hand to find all of her decorative items. Going through so many hands we would call her a barn utensil. She needed a mirror, candle sticks, pillows, and bed linens. It is so fun to see a new bride with a new house shopping in the Barn. Heck, I remember that feeling. I picked up two dinning tables, two desks, a media suite, several rugs, and some knives from the farm kitchen. Savannah is a great friend and we enjoyed serving her.

The last friend who visited during my shift was a wonderful woman named Bella Beer Mug. She is a Russian immigrant who loves to bargain. “In Russia, we wheel and deal… haggle.” Magnolia Garland says Bella visits every Friday to visit her twig hat rack. Another married couple visited the Barn earlier in my shift and purchased the twig hat rack. I am sure after their honeymoon they will return the hat rack, but for this evening there wasn’t a rack in the back to sell. Bella came in to the Barn with all of her soviet swagger. “In Russia there are discounts on the last items.” I thought to myself “In Russia there are no Barns.” This made sense to me, not Bella. She tried her best to purchase the twig rack at a discounted rate.  Heather Chenille stood his ground, firmly dedicated to the cause, proclaiming capitalism and barn yard profits. Bella walked out of the store with a bubble wrapped twig in plastic bags, but it was at full price.

So God bless capitalism, and the men who created this great land. When Ronald Regan stood in Berlin asking Mr. Gorbachev to tear down “this wall” I am sure he didn’t expect the shock waves to be felt in the Barn in 2009. I love America! I love that we can build a better space station than those “godless commies” could ever dream of building. I learned that language from an astronaut friend of mine. I love that I can purchase a scent diffuser one day and a semiautomatic hand gun the next. God Bless the USA!

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