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This morning with a quick stop to drop of the Boo-ster, we drove from Huntsville to Memphis, Tennessee to meet up with my parents, Big Mama and Big Daddy. Our final destination will be Green Bay, Wisconsin and the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. I am merely a passenger on this trip. A trip that I almost canceled days before, because I wasn’t sure I could juggle all my commitments. Marcia, you were correct! I am glad I am here now.

So far today, I have taken a nap, passed out mid-flight refreshments, and spotted a camel on the side of the road. Heck, a camel on the side of the road is an every day sighting in Missouri! Our road companion and GPS guide for this trip is Le-a (pronounced Le-dash-ah and is a real name). We call her Le-a because she is on the dash-ah board of my parent’s vehicle! Le-a reminds us to drive straight on I-55 north. When we exit the interstate for snacks or gas she gently reminds us to make a “legal U-turn” or “turn right to I-55.” Really what Le-a wants to say is “Fool, I didn’t tell you to turn back there. Get back on the dang road!”

Big Daddy likes to drive yelling at all the crummy drivers while Big Mama knits. I am aft of the driver’s seat trying not to get sick as I type on my laptop and Daddy curses the mini-van drivers. You know, mini-van drivers are the world’s worst drivers! And yes Amazon, I am blogging!!! However, Chris has had his lap top out longer than I have. I think he is doing work or looking at porn.  (That was added to see if the former-editor was paying attention. He is really doing work.)

We stopped in Sikeston, Missouri at the “Home of Throwed Rolls,” Lambert’s Café. It was quite an enjoyable meal. The waiter that was the designated roll thrower wore an Alabama ball cap. He caught my eye and I nudged Chris, hey isn’t there some customary greeting you Alabama people give in passing? Chris being the shy guy, didn’t belt out Roll Tide and the President of the university is considering revoking his diploma.  I digress.

Alabama ball cap boy got me to thinking. Do you think that they have relief pitchers in the bull pin just in case the lead thrower misses the plates and hands of hungry customers? Do you think they scout minor league waiters to see if they have what it takes? Do the managers talk to each other asking who the star hurler is in the organization? “Hey, we got a great prospect here in Foley, want us to send him up to Sikeston?” Or the manager that has the difficult conversation with a struggling waiter, “Son, you lost something on your delivery. We are going to send you to Branson for a few rehab starts and see how you progress.” Really, if you think about it, if you are the home of the throwed rolls, your talent has to be good.

All in all we have had a great day. The trip has reminded me of all the long family vacations we took. Growing up we visited Chicago and St. Louis for baseball games. Once we even took the train to New Orleans for a football game. There was another time we drove to Dallas in Johnny Stahls’ van to see Brett Favre and the Packers face the Cowboys in the NFC Championship game. Favre lost that game. We will see how he does on Sunday facing his old team. Wow, there will be some conflicted souls in Green Bay.

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  1. jennifer says:

    I think Le-a is in the alto sention of my choir! hee, hee

  2. Marcia says:

    You doubted me?! ML

  3. immineBeels says:

    I’m often searching for brandnew infos in the WWW about this topic. Thankz.

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