Old Time Bucket

Over the last few weeks if I wasn’t at camp with Be Ready I was at the Barn. One of my favorite staffers asked me about the Barn. She asked me as if she thought I worked at a cow barn, horse barn or goat barn. I told her that I worked at a home furnishings store named, Bucket Barn. She exclaimed, “The Bucket Barn!!! Isn’t that in Madison?” “Oh, no… that is Old Time Bucket” was my answer. See people get the Bucket Barn and Old Time Bucket confused all the time. I don’t see how or why, but they do. Here are a few clues that will help you keep the Bucket Barn and Old Time Bucket from being confused.

Halloween Décor:
One day a lady called the Barn to ask for one of those witches flying into the side of a house.” Hudson chuckled to himself and kindly told the phone guest, “We are the Barn. Are you referring to Old Time Bucket?” Hudson didn’t try to explain that our Halloween items were for interior décor, not the cliché witch flying via broom into the side of a building like Big Lots, Dollar Tree or Tuesday Morning. Hudson didn’t want to make the customer feel awkward about calling the wrong number. We typically don’t sell outdoor items in the fall. Nor do we have harvest festive items like a witch flying. Oh wait, we have faux birds! Hudson was very friendly and very helpful.

The Buggy Effect:
Wally World and K-Mart have buggies, the Bucket Barn doesn’t. Have you ever been in a home furnishings store where they offered a buggy? The buggy really should be a dead give away to what bucket you are shopping. True, establishments like World Market and Tuesday Morning have buggies. But the Bucket Barn doesn’t. The Old Time Bucket is more similar to Tuesday Morning or Big Lots than Crate&Barrel or Restoration Hardware. Volume home furnishing stores’ products look more like motel furnishings than unique trinkets and such that will be cherished for years and years. Big Lots is more of a get it quick and fast than detail oriented service. Nothing against any of those other companies, but the buggy is a tell-tale fact!

The Phone Greeting:
Field test number 43, call the Barn then call Old Time Bucket, you will see the difference in pride, professionalism, and product loyalty!!!! I just finished the field test. The Barn hands down had a better reception on the phone. I couldn’t under stand the Old Time Bucket greeting. That may be why the Barn is confused with Old Time Bucket. The customers can understand us. Try it… look up your lock Barn phone number. Call them, ask a question, any question. I am sure the Bucket Barn will be more personable than the other Bucket!

Doesn’t matter how you compare the two, I work at the better bucket! And I am proud of it. I love working at the Barn and Camp. No matter what you do, find something that makes you happy, whether it is teaching counselors to lead kids or organizing candles. Find what you enjoy!

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