Barn Yard Tales

[Editor’s Note: Names have been changed to protect innocent… and not so innocent]

Working at the Barn is fun and interesting. You may recall the chronicles of Cameron Drape in my blog Retail Challenge. I have a few stories to share with you tonight. First, I need to give a shout-out to my co-worker Josephine Bedding. She was working with me the night the Chesapeake family came into the barn yard to return a few wedding gifts. The family demographic was mom, dad, bride, and little sister. No groom to speak of that evening. We were a little busy and short staffed when the father of the bride demanded service, but we obliged. Mr. & Mrs. Chesapeake took charge of the situation while bride stood by in a helpless manner. Oh, if you are wondering what sis was doing? She was on the sectional couch playing with her iPhone.

She returned towels, plates, and a few catalog items. One of the items was clearly a screw up on the Barn’s part. It was an engraved shadow box with a misspelled word on it. It wasn’t a misspelled name or something. No, the engraving guy misspelled “August.” True, it was probably was a typo. But as bad of a speller as I am, I know “AUGSUT” is incorrect. Even with our mistakes, the point I would like to make to the Chesapeake’s, if you daughter is old enough to get married; she is absolutely old enough to return her wedding gifts herself. Parents of the world, your kids can survive without you holding their hands.

Today one of my favorite customers came into the store. I have to admire her; because she is so old school that historians ask her to proof their work. Silk Dupioni is one of those southern ladies that get their hair done once week with lots of hair spray. Mrs. Dupioni comes into the Barn with style and grace. She is always dressed in a Nancy Reagan style two-piece suit with matching hand bag and shoes. She always pays in cash, just like my grandfather did. How do you keep lots of cash? Pay with cash rather than credit cards. She is one of a kind. Silk Dupioni looks more like European royalty than Huntsville elite. And I imagine that Morgan Freeman drives her around town.

My last barn yard tale came right at closing tonight when Heather Chenille took a phone call for a possible send-sell to the 205 area code. Rhys Console wanted some cushions for his outdoor furniture. The Summit didn’t have what he needed and his buddy Clay Aiken had a better outdoor set than he did. So Heather went to the remote stock room to see if we had the needed inventory. I was brought into the transaction somewhat late, but I got to handle closing act. I was extra nice since Rhys had gotten the run around from another store. Even thought it was after the store closed and while dealing with a lost transaction with a crazy picture frame customer. I thought it was cool chatting via phone with a soulful idol like Rhys.

Everyday of my life is a new adventure. I don’t know if I will be talking to a man like Rhys or receive a signed sheet of music from John Williams. My life is great! I have met moon walkers, music legends, big screen actors and a Pulitzer winning author. I am just a farm kid and that is why they picked me to fix Hubble. I am just kidding about that, but I am just a farm kid who is looking for a different outcome each day. Working in the barn yard helps achieve that!!!

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