Err McNair

Other than Texas and maybe a few other states, Mississippi is a power house in the football world. No, we don’t produce National “Titles” like other NCAA schools and most of our talent comes from historically black universities and conference USA schools. But when you produce Walter Payton, Brett Favre and Jerry Rice you can brag. California doesn’t produce all of USC’s great. But the fertile Magnolia State has produced a few stellar athletes. True, we don’t know if Favre is a former or current great.

Since Saturday I have been consumed with the press surrounding Steve McNair’s death. Why would a former NFL star who is married want to date a waitress from Dave & Busters? Why would you want to do that when you have a wife and four kids at home… OK lots of men and women are unfaithful. But when you portray the role of “good guy” why would you buy another woman a Cadillac Escalade? I am sure the service at Dave & Busters isn’t hat good!

Living in Mississippi, I cheered for Air McNair and the Alcorn State Braves. We wanted to see a Division I-AA star win the Heisman Trophy. After Hurricane Katrina we all stood behind McNair and the Manning brothers to support the residents of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Good guys doing good things will be what I will remember. But now the memory of Steve McNair is tarnished. Will he be a hall of famer? That doesn’t matter anymore.

When hearing of the death of Michael Jackson, I wasn’t that shocked. I was a little shocked after hearing Billy Mays passed away. There goes Space Camp’s chance to have him market our product. But hearing that squeaky clean McNair was shot to death was unrealistic! Married, kids, and good guy doesn’t fit murdered next to mistress. It didn’t make sense? If I had heard Michael Vick, T.O. or Ray Lewis was found shot I would not be surprised. But now, good guy, Mr. Tennessee Titan, NFL MVP, and small town boy turns out to be a cheat, loser, and jerk!

What we all should learn from this tragic death is everything matters in the end. If we are to be taken from this world right now, what will be are legacy? What will the world remember us for? Will we be remembered for our performance in the spot light or our life in the shadows? Will people remember how we lived our life on the mountain top or how we preferred the valleys? Will we be remembered as Roger Clemens or Lou Gehrig? Now matter if you are a flea or a moon walker, you will leave a finger or foot print on this universe. What will be your impact? What will be your legacy?

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  1. jennifer says:

    this post is super! You should write professionally! About MS athletes, I would argue that many of the great college teams outside MS would get their best athletes from MS. Bear Bryant used to say it he had the best players from MS he would win everything! It frustrates me when our MS boys play out of state…. (may be hard to tell your AL friends this :)!!)

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