Dead Bird

Friday morning I visited Space Camp to check on graduation and such. I visited the Davidson Center, aka the building with the really big rocket! At that time I did not know that there was a moon walker on property. I discovered that Harrison Schmitt was visiting camp while I visited the counselors.

Marcia was making her rounds and reminding the staff no sunglasses, ball caps, chewing gum, or autographs. This tipped me off that there was a VIP in the building. Oh, Harrison Schmitt twelfth man on the moon is at SPACE CAMP? I needed to talk to Marcia about an issue but she being the mover and shaker of camp I had to walk with her. We went though the Saturn hall, below stage one and part of stage two, out the side door, and down the ramp. Half way down the ramp there was a dead blue bird, cute bird, but dead bird. It needed to be picked up so no little kid would see the cute bird dead on the ground.

I picked the bird up and tossed him into the trash can. My plan was to leave after talking to Marcia. Now that I had touched a dead blue bird I must wash my hands. Bird Flu is much worse than Piggly Wiggly Flu. So, I diverted to the ladies room by the front ticket desk in the DC. I located the sink, soap, sang my ABCs and out the door I went. Outside I saw Cliff and Harrison Schmitt. This is the point where I meet Harrison Schmitt, twelfth man on the moon and only geologist to walk on the surface of the moon.

I would have been long gone if I didn’t pick up the dead blue bird. I have always thought I was a lucky girl. I have met five of the twelve men who walk on the lunar surface, drank beer with many astronauts, and have a way cool job! But because I picked up a filthy dead bird I would not have met an Apollo astronaut. It is just like Oceans 12 or 13… “You shook hands with Sintra. You should have known better!” For a space geek, shaking hands with a moon walker is the ultimate geek fix.

The moral of the story is the next time there is a not so enjoyable task in front of you, accept the challenge. Do the disgusting task, who knows what will be around the corner or outside of the bathroom. Mike Rowe of “Dirty Jobs” will agree with me. Stinky, dirty, rotten, filthy, or grimy jobs lead to an enjoyable life. I love my life and I am morning the life of my dead bird friend, but I will accept all challenges ahead of me. Both the clean and the dirty ones!

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  1. Hillary @ The Other Mama says:

    Great story!! LOVE IT!! A moon walker meeting AND a moral! Awesome!

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