Tom Tom

The spirit of America is one of self reliance, exploration, and superior technology. This is why I call on everyone out there to boycott GPS units in cars. We as a society have stopped looking out of the car window and navigating for ourselves. We are trusting computerized direction programmed by some nerd in a cubical in Detroit, Michigan. That is if we are lucky and the job hasn’t been outsourced to India.

Remember in third grade we learned how to use maps. On the standardized test we once used our Dixon Ticonderoga pencils to correctly answer questions about our map skills. Map skills are no longer important. We don’t need map skills with a GPS unit installed into our cars, trucks, or vans. This is just the first step in totally losing our way in the wilderness of urban American. What will the next generations do outside of their cars? Wait, now we have GPS devices on smart phones such as the Blackberry and iPhone. There is no need for map skills.

Let’s just shut off our analytical thinking. Humanity will need someone to tell it to “turn left in 1000 yards.” This is leading to the destruction of the natural sense known as curiosity. Hum… maybe I will get there faster if I go right rather than left. Maybe I should take the streets rather than the interstate. This will be a thing of the past when all cars have GPS units. Getting lost is the best way to learn where you are. Think about that for a second. Getting lost and the struggle to find your way again is a learning tool. For one, you learn to never go that way again. And secondly, you learn a skill that you will use the next time you are lost.

One day in the near future there will be computerized instructions for everything. Gone are the days where we had a back seat driver like our mom to guide us or simply nag. We will have Bitching Betty commanding us to do all sorts of things. When our critical thinking skills are extinct and we are nothing more than pudding brain gorilla bear drones we will need a computerized unit to tell us how to wipe our tushies. You think I am crazy, but look at the way our world is going. The government and media influence our society more than individuals. We don’t read books to shape our lives, we watch reality TV. We want the same lives of those people. We have lost the ability to dream our own dreams, just like we are losing the ability to find our way around the streets of America.

Say no to GPS units in cars. I am not saying no to all GPS units, they serve a wonderful purpose, but we are losing our edge by making life simple, self contained, and computerized. Life is hard and when we don’t learn to deal with the struggle or find our way when we are lost; we lose our ability to persevere. We will soon be lost or maybe we are already lost, but a GPS unit will not help.

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3 Responses to Tom Tom

  1. Casey Addis says:

    I love ruths blogs!!!

  2. Casey Addis says:

    I really hate it when my GPS gets mad at me and says “Recalculating” Like the GPS is mad at me and has feelings. And it says it in a really mean tone.. Its scary..

  3. The Life of Super Allison says:

    I love maps and I always will. A GPS can come in handy but I love to know what is around me. Plus nothing beats a good ole map. I refuse to break down and spend money on a GPS especially when I can spend a $20 on a book of maps. Also, not knowing exactly what is around you makes the drive a little more adventurous 🙂

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