Naked Duck-Billed Dolphin

What do a dolphin, platypus, and naked mole rat have in common? You may answer they are all mammals, but the answer I am looking for is intelligent comedy!

The term intelligent design is simply a fancy way of saying someone smarter than all of us is out there calling the shots; but goes short of identifying who the person or creature is. This blog will not address my belief in how an almighty creator moved heaven to make the earth and its vast wonders. I will however, address the fact that whoever this intelligent designer is has a great sense of humor.

Yesterday on my drive in to work I was listening to the regional radio talk show, Rick & Bubba. By the title you can tell it wasn’t an intellectual program. They were debating a dolphin’s place in the mammal family. Bubba did not agree with every scientist in the world on the classification of a dolphin as a mammal. I thought to myself, this is absurd! Bubba pointed out that it swims and lives in the ocean, it must be a fish. But it has lungs, hair, mammary glands, births its off-spring and even though I have never seen this feature I hear it has a belly button. All evidence I have says it is in fact a mammal. But his banter did make me reflect.

If we randomly evolved into what we know as the animal kingdom, why have dolphins not developed gills to be better swimmers? The designer either wanted to add mystery to our environment or he had a great sense of humor. Look at my favorite missing link, the platypus. This creature has it all, a duck’s bill, hair, lays eggs, produces venom, has webbed feet, and a beaver tail. Every teenage girl who goes through an identity crisis should look at the platypus as a mascot of understanding.

The naked mole rat or sand puppy is another cruel joke. The naked mole rat has pink wrinkly skin with little hair, lives in tunnels underground, has adapted to live off of little oxygen, and is effectively cold-blooded. It behaves like ants, termites, bees, and wasps, which is rare in mammals. The colony has workers or soldiers with a queen. Well, this behavior is similar to high school students. Visit a school and watch to see how blindly the students walk up and down the hallway. There will also be an alpha female calling the shots.

I am sure there are more weird, more perplexing animals out there but you get the point. I love the line from the movie Rudy, “I know two things, there is a God and I am not Him.” I have come to the conclusion that there has to be someone smarter and wiser than all of us out there and He has a great sense of humor. Why do something if it’s not truly special! Why make a naked mole rat unless you wanted to show everyone how truly special Earth is in the universe. I think the dolphin, platypus and naked mole rat is evidence of our creator!

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