For the record, I am not speaking of kitchen knives. I am speaking of my collection of pocket and utility knives. There are six knives in my life. I enjoy them with a strange passion similar to a warrior and his spear. Yes, I did refer to a warrior in the masculine. I am not a warrior. However, I would like to see if I could survive in the wilderness with my six knives.

Last Friday I acted as a personal shopping assistant to my buddy Charity. She had selected St. Nick’s Knife Factory to shop for a knife for her valentine. I was so happy to tag along. After suggesting a few excellent knives I knew I had some what of a problem. Yes, I knew too much about knives to be considered a novice shopper. It was so fun. I just suggested knives to Charity. She had the hard part, picking one and purchasing it.

This field trip to the local knife shop sent me into a great deal of reflection. Well, I like reflecting on my knives and the stories behind them. Look at my first knife, an L.L. Bean camping knife. It looks like a butter knife but it is a folding knife with a blunt tip and a long smooth surface for spreading. It is great for making PBJs but sharp enough to cut through most camping tasks. I felt it was the perfect addition to any dorm room, especially mine.

After college I lived in Jackson, Mississippi and worked on the weekends at Twin Lakes Conference Center. Many weekends you would find me swinging from tree to tree on their high ropes course. I didn’t have the finger strength to loosen all the carabiners. I wanted to be prepared for anything I might face. I went out and purchased a Leatherman Wave. For me at the time this was a huge investment. I couldn’t afford the leather case that went along with it, so I put that off for another month or so. Every weekend from that point forward the Wave had a place on my belt.

My days in Jackson and Twin Lakes ended and I moved on to Huntsville and Space Camp. The move to Huntsville gave me a new job and a husband. Our vacation to North Carolina gave me my next knife. I purchased a Columbia River Knife and Tool K.I.S.S. This is the same type knife that climber Aron Ralston cut his hand off to walk away from being trapped by an 800 pound boulder. K.I.S.S. stands for keep it super simple. It is simple, combined razor-sharp and triple pointed serrated edge. Wow!

This knife along with my absent minded nature has almost gotten me into a lot of trouble. Twice I have traveled by commercial airliner to another state with the knife in my backpack. My backpack was properly taken through TSA screening and stowed under the seat in front of me. Once we visited Durham, North Carolina. Then we visited Orlando and the Magic Kingdom. Each time I was shocked to find a knife lager than most box cutters in my bag. It was my fault they were in my bag, but I didn’t force them through security. But each time they went through and each time I checked them after discovering TSA’s oversight.

I could tell you about my Spyderco Rescue 79 mm knife or my Browning or Buck knife. But this all leads me to the same story, I like knives. It is a hobby, a fun collection, and something I can educate the masses about. It is what I do. Most of my friends tell me that I should only pick one knife to take with me each day. But I am rebellious. I like all six of my knives. I like the old number seven, maybe I will find a new one.

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3 Responses to Knives

  1. Space Geek says:

    Did Charity give Ed a nickel with the knife? It is considered bad luck to give a knife as a gift. Make sure she does this.

  2. Ruth Marie Oliver says:

    I did some research on this tradition. You may have it a little backwards, so I need to know more.What I learned is the coin is given to the gift giver as payment for the knife. Knives give as a gift to a friend or lover symbolizes a cut in the relationship. Since Ed and Charity just got married I don’t think that is what she meant. We may be thinking about this too much!

  3. Space Geek says:

    You could be right. I have heard that wives tale since I was a little girl and my memory is beginning to go. My blog is beginning to look good, I am still having trouble getting my links to post. Any suggestions?

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