Super Bowl Sunday

The grocery store doesn’t lie! Today, I stopped by to pick up a few things to make soup and snacks for tomorrow. It was a mad house. I felt like it was the day before Thanksgiving or maybe Christmas. There were pokey people left and right. I couldn’t find what I was looking for because people and their buggies where in the way. There were more cases of beer than cartons of eggs.

Chris and I will host our fifth straight Super Bowl party at the Willow Creek house. Super Bowl Sunday is a special day to us. Way back in 2001, when the New York Giants faced the Baltimore Ravens, Chris and I met at a Super Bowl Party. He had a goatee and I wore my favorite plaid flannel shirt. For the historians this was our first face to face meeting. We were formally introduced over the internet. But that isn’t the point of this story. Now that we are married and have a house we host a party to watch commercials or football whichever one you prefer.

The lines at the Publix made me ask the bag boy if it had been busy all day long. Before I tell you the answer, it is important to point out that the bag boy was really an assistant manager pulled to cover the rush of customers. He told me that the Super Bowl is the second day only to Thanksgiving in food consumption. WOW! My family eats a twenty pound turkey on Thanksgiving. All I was buying for tomorrow was makings for chicken tortilla soup, cheese dip, and brownies. I didn’t even help much on their beer sells. I got a six pack of Shiner Bock. If you are cooking chili or tortilla soup Shiner is a great addition to the mix.

This may be our last Super Bowl party here in our house. We have seen two of the Manning brothers win as MVP, Mike Holmgren lose to the Steelers, and Tom Brady win his third ring. I enjoy the national anthem and patriotic fly-overs. I am sure most enjoy the commercials and commentary. As long as it isn’t John Madden I am happy with the play by play.

We were amazed by Eli Manning’s completion to David Tyree in the fourth quarter with a little more than one minute left in the game. But it really isn’t about the football when you boil it all down. It is more about catching up with friends and enjoying the company of others. I can’t remember everything that happened in the ball games from one year to the next. I need the Google to remind me of the MVPs, other than Eli and Peyton. But I can tell you about the people I visited with, the dishes I made, and the stories I have shared during a Super Bowl party.

The remarkable feats of athletes are only remembered by ESPN announcers but the time we spend with our friends and family is what we carry in our hearts each day. So maybe Super Bowl Sunday isn’t a national holiday, but so many fond memories are made on that day. Thanks Chris for inviting me to come with you to watch Super Bowl XXXV and I am looking forward to many more games with you.

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  1. jennifer says:

    can I just say that I totally agree? I have been able to connect with people over sports (including my students) more than most anything else! We have a party at our house as well- the church comes to the preacher’s home for fun and football (and Danny gets to watch the game :)!)

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