Furniture Shopping

Recently I have spent a lot of time reflecting on my home and its furnishings. Looking through our Willow Creek estate we have our back porch, which is reminiscent of a barbeque joint in the Mississippi Delta. Then there is the bale of cotton in our front room, which was an anniversary gift a few years back. But some of our furniture has great sentimental value. The concept of being overly sappy about my furniture may seem very materialistic, but it is not to me. My first date with my hubby was to a furniture store. So if you don’t mind, I will tell a few stories.

It was St. Patty’s day of 2001 and I was just back from Ireland. I needed to run some errands and do some furniture shopping because of my upcoming moved to South Park Drive. I needed a dresser of some type. Chris was happy to accompany me because we hadn’t seen each other in quiet awhile. We found the perfect piece at Miskelly Furniture and that evening went to the St. Patrick’s Day hockey game. Chris and I mark this day as our first date. Months later Chris helped me move that chest, to make a really long story short we didn’t protect the furniture well enough and it was damaged. Even though it is damaged it is still priceless to me.

Somewhere in the middle of this I refinished a desk my Aunt Wanda gave me. It needed to be stripped and refinished to match my chest. I called Chris one night when he was entertaining his mother to ask for his help. My comment to Chris as he answered his phone was, “Do you know how to strip?” If you know Chris well, which I didn’t at that time and if you know his mother was in the same room as he was, this was a funny scene. Chris was almost speechless and that is something he is not normally. Well, we still have this desk in our house. It is in Jill’s room. We named our two rooms off of a Jack and Jill bathroom, Jack’s room and of course Jill’s room.

Once I moved to Huntsville, I started working at the Barn where I learned a lot about furniture and home furnishings. From the first day I started until the second to last day I wanted a Manhattan chair in whiskey. That is a color of leather, not the liquor that is mixed with Coca-Cola. Each time Chris would visit me at work someone would try to sell him something. On the last day I worked Chris ordered me the Manhattan chair.

So through the years furniture shopping has been a good past time for us. I could give anyone pointers on what too look for in a couch, armoire, bed, or coffee table. I love my hubby and I love the silly things we have collected together. So the next time you go furniture shopping with your sweetie, don’t think of it as a chore, think of it as foreplay.

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