Mobile Gift Transportation Unit

Presents in MGTUThe Mobile Gift Transportation Unit, or TU for short, is used in the transport of Christmas presents from the GAB (Gift Assembly Building) to points in Mississippi and Alabama. The MGTU is designed as a light weight, reusable unit similar to Santa’s bag. It is commonly known that Santa uses magic in his nap sack. The MGTU does not utilize magic in the transport of gifts to the proper recipients. Each gift is carefully wrapped by the OCRH (Obsessive, Compulsive Red Head) at the gift wrap station within the GAB. An identification marker is placed on each package. The MGTU will be loaded into the payload bay of the TEV (Travel/Excursion Vehicle), 4Runner class, to be deployed at pre-assigned Christmas trees near you.

Our Traditions

Chris and I have enjoyed being the road runners for many Christmases. The traditions of our home on Willow Creek Drive are different than most. Rather than wrapping our gifts and placing them under a tree, our gifts are carefully placed on a half wall that separates our living room and kitchen table. We haven’t spent a Christmas in our home. I don’t think I would change our quirky traditions, even though some would argue that we don’t have traditions.

All traditions are a set custom or practice, something that is common from one generation to the next, or something done year after year, suo Chris and I have traditions. This is our fifth year. Below are a few things we have done each year. I think some of these qualify as traditions.

Brown Paper Packages: Each year we have most of our packages wrapped in brown packing paper. I love The Sound of Music. The movie is a tradition itself. I watch it every holiday season. I remember watching at my grandmother’s house each year… I definitely think this is a tradition!

Stockings: Chris would like this tradition to use a different type of stocking. He may be disappointed, but our Christmas stockings are cute and they are ours. I remember the first year of our marriage, I reminded Chris multiple times about our Christmas stockings and he still forgot about getting stuff, got to love him.

Visiting Family: My father’s birthday is Christmas Eve. So visiting both sets of parents is a little difficult but we manage. It ends up being a zigzag across the southern states. Chris gets to hunt at my parent’s and I get to drink at his parent’s.

Traveling Down the Natchez Trace: Chris and I travel each year south from Cherokee, Al, to Winona, MS by way of the Natchez Trace Parkway. Most years I get stopped by a Park Ranger for speeding. I am trying not to make this a yearly tradition.

So I will keep the MGTU and my tradition of travel. I love the somewhat eccentric lifestyle of my husband and the way I am an oddball myself. The moral of the story is the only way to change this tradition of travel would be to have kids. Therefore, I love our traditions and non-traditions, because I don’t want a kid. Boo and George are all I want to take care of… other than my husband.

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  1. The Life of Super Allison says:

    One thing I admire about you is your traditions…coming from a family that has lost all traditions I really envy the traditions you hold. I really love the brown packing paper idea. Such an eco-friendly way b/c it is recyclable. I hope you have a wonderful christmas. Cali is great…one day I would love to show you, snapper and divot around what I call home. 🙂 see you in 2 weeks.

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