It’s a Wonderful Life

We all know the Frank Capra movie where George Bailey is convinced by Clarence Odbody that his life is a wonderful life. George Bailey, played by Jimmy Stewart, is the leader of his community, wise business man, and compassionate executive who saves his community from a ruthless and corrupt slumlord. But George stands for plenty more than just the good business values. He puts aside all his dreams and wishes to live a life of service. Isn’t that the meaning of life?

In Rick Warren’s book, Purpose Driven Life, the point is, “it’s not about me.” That is the sum of George Bailey’s life. It wasn’t about him, but it took Clarence to show him how valuable his life was. George had lived in a constant state of doing that he couldn’t reflect on the world around him. Maybe that is why the entire world is foggy today? No black or white, it is all just gray. We keep running in our hamster wheel and don’t ever stop to think. What is life about?

I heard a great line during the summer of 2001 while I worked at Twin Lakes. All we need in life is “bologna and love.” This means that as long as we have food in our belly the only other need in our life is love. Love moves us, shows us the way, allows us to give to others and even saves us from our darkness. For George Bailey he had bologna and love, but until Clarence pointed out the importance of his life and the affect it had on his community he felt empty. Until Clarence he was only focused on the bologna.

We should all remind the people around us how truly wonderful they are to us. We all touch the people around us. We all change the paths of others. True, some of the people in our lives can keep Bedford Falls from becoming Pottersville. But its not always about the remarkable, it is about the everyday consistence of putting the buggy back. Since I heard the phrase “put the buggy back” to describe integrity, I yell at the TV screen when I see Potter conceal Uncle Billy’s mistake. “Give the MONEY back” I yell.

This Christmas Eve, I wish the very best. I encourage you to put the buggy back everyday in every endeavor of life. I hope everyone knows love of some kind. But most of all, I hope we see that Christmas is about the most wonderful life lived centuries ago. And if we believe in His love, we don’t have to worry about bologna!

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