Do the Right Thing

Attention readers, this is a rant… a red head rant about Premiere Collectibles of Franklin, Tennessee. If you don’t want to be involved in this rant turn your head, because this may get ugly! The quote that comes to mind is, “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” Last December while listening to my favorite morning radio show, Rick and Bubba, I heard an interview with Lynne Cheney about her newly released book Blue Skies, No Fences, a book about her childhood and family in Wyoming. I got the idea to give this book to my mother-in-law who for a time raised her children in Wyoming.

So I went that day to the Rick and Bubba website (spell out the word and) to find details about the book. That led me to Premiere Collectibles website, the curse started there. I ordered one copy of Blue Skies, No Fences and a copy of a Michael Reagan book for my father. This seemed simple, but it was far from it. I waited at my home in Huntsville for an extra day before driving to Mississippi to begin my Christmas vacation, just to receive the books from Premiere (cranky pants) Collectibles. They didn’t arrive. I had called multiple times checking on the status of my order. They said the books should arrive tomorrow. I was cursed.

So, I didn’t have a gift to give my mother-in-law last Christmas. And if you know me or any mother-in-law you know this was a bad thing. As soon as they reopened for business, I called Premiere (God forsaken) Collectibles to voice my concern. They promptly sent the books to me after MLK day (Jan. 15).

Skip to today, I had to call my friends at Premiere (shiitake mushrooms) Collectibles in regards to my order of December 5th, 2008. I ordered Mike Huckabee’s book Do the Right Thing. Ordering this book was not the right thing to do. I started calling Premiere (scrooge of the year) Collectibles at nine o’clock central standard time. I left messages and sent emails. What have I heard from Premiere (donkey’s butt) Collectibles? Nothing!!! How long does it take to get a package from Franklin, Tennessee to Huntsville, Alabama? Longer than I would like is the answer.

Below is a list of the authors that sell their books on Premiere (poor customer service) Collectibles. If you notice they are all conservatives who say they uphold the values of our forefathers. Our forefathers would not poop on their customers. They would want the company peddling their wears to uphold values and good customer service. Mr. Huckabee, Premiere Collectibles aren’t doing the right thing by their customers. If I should ever, speak to a representative of their company I will tell them that. Until then, I am just a disgruntled red head who is pissed off.

Authors on Premiere Collectibles’ Website
Glen Beck
Lynne Cheney
Bob Dole
Steve Doocy
Newt Gingrick
Sean Hannity
Steve Harvey
Mike Huckabee
Mark Levin
Oliver North
Rick and Bubba

I did receive an email from a representative of Premiere Collectibles on Friday. She apologized for me not being able to speak with a “live” person. My books were shipped on December 10th and should arrive today, December 20th. If they don’t my next post will be an account of my trip to Franklin, Tennessee on Monday, December 22nd to meet with the sons of beach towels.

Update to the Update: I did receive the books before Christmas. So all is well in the world. And I don’t have to order anything from the site again! Thanks!!!

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